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Rating Out of 10
Performance 6 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review 60%
Reliability 4 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Customer Relations 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Features 6 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Control Panel 5 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review


Apollo web hosting has been around in the industry for over five years. Their website might be boring, but they have unique offerings that other web hosting companies cannot match such as their software suite. All of their web hosting plans provide 24 hour, 7 days a week and 365 days a year tech support which includes all holidays. Over the years, they have lowered their pricing and increased their offerings to keep up with the competition.

Pricing & Cost Effectiveness

Apollo Hosting's pricing for web hosting plans used to be much more expensive than the competitors. However, for two years prepayment, your monthly cost is only $6.96 and with one year prepayment, it is $7.96 which is up to par with most other web hosting companies. Unlike other web hosting companies, they provide many powerful software in their web hosting package which give them their competitive edge including Miva Merchant, Get traffic tool box, Postini Spam Filtering and site studio website builder. Postnini Spam filtering system is rated as one of the best according to PC Magazine.

For their most common web hosting plan, called the value plan, they provide 50 GB of data transfer and 1 GB of space which is what pretty much what other web hosting companies offer these days. However, one of their weak points is only one MySQL database and one mailing list while most other companies offer several. But if you do not use these features, it should not be a problem.

Apollo Web Hosting Reliability

Apollo web hosting is average speed compared to other web hosting companies and up time is descent. To ensure maximum reliability and uptime for their clients, they have a on-site diesel generator on their website with weekly and monthly backups. Although we much prefer daily backups like other web hosting companies, weekly and monthly backups are okay if the servers are reliable. They have been rated highly according to ratings by Cnet for uptime.

Apollo Web Hosting Data Center

Their data center have direct fiber optic connections with several web hosting backbone providers, which lead us to believe they are redundant. They have connections with Frontier Global Center, Genuity, and Qwest. Genuity has just gotten bought out by Level3. As for uptim

Apollo Hosting Customer Relations

Apollo Web hosting provides quality customer support for web hosting. They provide several methods which allows customers to access the customer support for help. For example, they provide support via chat and unlike many web hosting companies today, they actually can provide toll free support. They also provide a toll-free support line, which you can reach from Monday to Friday from 8 – 5 PM. On top of that, they offer 24 hour chat service that allows us to communicate with them. They also have a unique feature where they can call you back up by leaving your number within a two hour time frame.


Apollo Hosting provides a quality web hosting product. They have great uptime and provide customer service around the clock. Even though they fall short on value on certain components of web hosting, we believe they offer a great value that you can depend on for your web hosting needs.

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