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Performance 6
Reliability 4
Customer Relations   7
Features 6
Control Panel5


FULL User Reviews of Apollo Hosting - ( 218 Votes )
Email servics are NOT reliable!!!   - Review by submitted on April 16, 2003
Overall Ratings: 4 out of 10

I have the following problems with email services which are reluctantly forcing me to seek out another hosting provider for the two domains currently hosted by Apollo.

1. Virus filtering is not 100%. While some infected messages have been caught, long after the service was activated, I continued to receive infected emails. Luckily, I have client-based detection/filtering, software as a backup. At best, my numerous attempts to work with Apollo Hosting support to resolve this problem have resulted in interaction with support representatives who appear technically unqualified. At worst, I receive no response whatsoever for many days or, in one case, an obviously canned response (personally signed by "Stuart") which had nothing to do with my problem.

I have asked for a way to disable the sending of notifications of infected messages via email (I just don't want to hear about it!). There appears to be no way for me to disable that feature. This is another example of non-responsiveness to a customer problem.

2. Email forwarding, especially recently has resulted in an embarrasing loss of communication with numerous colleagues. For example, I have accounts set up specifically to forward messages to a number of outside addresses (works like a server-based distribution list). It's only after many days that I eventually figure out that some or all of the dozens of messages I send out every day aren't making it to their destination. Even forwarding within the domain was broken for a while. This was eventually traced to a file attribute on the server, specific to the account.

Had I not asked the support representative with whom I interacted to check the other accounts on both domains, I'm convinced the problem would still be with me.

BOTTOM LINE: Having spent over 7 years manning front line support, I am a patient person when it comes to resolving problems. However, over the last 30 days, I have devoted way too many hours of what would otherwise be billable time, interacting with Apollo Hosting, trying to resolve these issues. I need a service provider to whom I can just pay my fees and receive a service. The time I've spent with these guys would easily pay for a service provider costing many times what I am charged.

Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Apollo Gets a Go For Launch!. - Review by garthsweet submitted on April 12, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I signed up for Apollo Hosting and have been really impressed with them.

Another epinion patron really hammered their tech support but so far I've made 7 support calls and all were resolved promptly (under 4 hrs to respond and full resolution in less the 24hrs). Apollo also has a 'chat with a support tech' feature that I've used several times (in addition to the 7 real support calls) and for simple things or emergencies it worked really well for me. My only complaint about the chat was that usually after I typed a message the support person would not type a message back until ~60 seconds later which always made me wonder if they received my message.

I love the control panel, for a newbie to hosting like me it's great. I can quickly and easily see what I'm doing and manage my site.

I did try to setup some FTP accounts and found a couple of problems.
1) You cannot put any upload size restrictions on anonymous FTP which leaves me exposed to someone exceeding my disk allowance anonymously.
2) I can only setup 5 users for restricted FTP access (this is currently not a problem but is a severe limit).

We plan to host 2 more web sites there for our other businesses!

Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Not true to sales pitch (sold features).   - Review by Daniel Creagin submitted on April 11, 2003
Overall Ratings: 2 out of 10

Apollo Hosting ( Reseller Plan has the following issues:
Reseller anonymity issues:
o The icons on the Resold Account’s Control Panel reference Apollo's IP address (graphic properties and on browser status bar while site loading).
o Email Auto-Responder “headers” contain multiple references to Apollo (name server and IP).
o When using FTP (cuteFTP or WSftpPro) to connect to Resold accounts, Apollo name server and IP show in connect log.
Apollo’s website states that the Control Panel can be customized to contain your business logo. However, their tech-support negates this fact.
Control Panel has 3 "vote" icons with no explanation of each. Upon clicking, they immediately register a vote with various host-rating services in favor of Apollo Hosting. But (1) why are these on a "site control panel" and (2) why not offer an HONEST way of voting where you get to choose the level of satisfaction. Here are the vote sites:
o (ID = Tamara)
o (hostid = 5508)
o (company_id = 1019)
Parked Domain names cannot be seen/listed! Neither on their Control Panel nor on an invoice.
Even though you have Virtual Domain Name Servers enabled when you register a resold account, Apollo doesn't give you the opportunity to put the new domain under your Virtual DNS. Instead, they put it under their DNS and ask you to contact support. Then, support initiates a change, but that change request has to infiltrate the internet -- another 24-48 hrs on top of the initial time to register the Resold account. By setting up Resold Accounts under their DNS, Apollo Hosting negates the entire purpose of having a Virtual DNS enabled!!! As you know, Resellers enable a Virtual DNS for the sole purpose of putting their Resold Accounts on it. So, why put us through the hassle of a two-step, timely process? Apollo Hosting truly needs to provide the ability, even if optionally, to place a new Resold Account under a VDNS during the initial set up process.
Apollo’s Control Panel offers MySql but (a) at older version 2.0.1, and (b) they won't upgrade or support it (c) it does not work at all. You are *completely* on your own.
Apollo’s website claims they will optionally transfer a domain for you for free, but tech-support states they can't. Even if they did, their website states it will send an email to the current domain owner as "from Apollo Hosting” to request transfer approval, but this compromises a reseller’s anonymity.

Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Don't count on good tech support .   - Review by Jeff  submitted on April 9, 2003
Overall Ratings: 3 out of 10
What Apollo Hosting won't tell you
is that they farm out their tech
support to a boiler room in India.
I wouldn't have a problem with that
if they were up front about it
instead of denying it. As for
technical know-how -- Ugh! Forget
it. I've been around and around
with them on various technical
problems they inadvertantly created
and I finally gave up contacting
them for any reason. They also
refuse to provide a direct email
address for Support (because they
don't want you to know their Tech
Support is in India).

I'm looking for a new Host.
Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Apollo Hosting: The Way to Go!.   - Review by Horizons832 submitted on April 7, 2003
Overall Ratings: 8 out of 10
I currently run two seperate websites with two seperate web hosting providers (see my other review of EZ Publishing). This was my first look at web hosting companies, and I really didn't know what to expect when I first started looking for someone to host my site. I wanted something cheap, but something with features that I wanted as well. I found that the cheap hosts usually didn't include anything "good" with their plans, everything was extra. Apollo had a good mix of features for a fair price: 200MB of space, unlimited email accounts, 2GB of transfer, Perl, mySQL, FTP, FrontPage 2000, and all kinds of other features that I would never use. While the price was not the cheapest I found, I wanted to go with someone that I could trust, and Apollo looked to be the one.

Their site boasts 24 hour technical support, with multiple ways of contacting them (phone, email, chat, etc.). I've had some minor FrontPage and Perl problems in the past and, even though they were my fault, the Apollo technical support people helped by quickly giving me an answer, their support team is definitely effective in my book.

The site that I run is extremely fast, although their FTP can be slow at times. I've never once had a problem connecting to my site, either through a browser, through an FTP client, or through SSH. If you use the "ping" command in MS-DOS to see the ping times of a server, you'll find that Apollo's servers have consistently lower ping times than other budget hosts. In fact, their servers had a ping time of about 1/2 my other host!

I was also impressed with their 5-minute account setup. As soon as I closed my browser after signing-up, I received a welcome email listing my IP address, username, password, etc. The account was set up correctly and I was able to access my site (through it's unique IP address which is included in the plan) right away. I was surprised to say the least. In comparison, I had to wait about 2 days for my other site's account to be set up at EZ Publishing.

Something that everybody wants is a Control Panel now. With Apollo Hosting, you can administer your site with just the push of a button with their extensive control panel, which offers more features than any other hosting company I've seen. You can change email settings, account and billing information, SQL database information, FTP settings, and (if you have a more advanced account) automatically add "sub-name" like and access merchant information (credit card info, shopping cart software). The control panel has too much to list, but it is very easy to use, and is definitely a nice place where all my account settings are consolidated onto one set of pages.

The only problem I've found is that most things need to be set up through technical support. While this is not a problem given the speed of the support I've received so far, it would be easier if I could do these things myself. Examples are setting up Telnet/SSH access for the first time and creating a mySQL database (you can create one yourself, but after that you must contact support). I usually only waited a few hours when I contacted them about these things.

While Apollo is certainly not the cheapest, I'm glad I went with them if only because of their reliability and fast technical support. I would recommend Apollo Hosting to anyone who wants to get their site seen by the world, either a small personal site, or a larger corporate site (they do offer dedicated servers as well). Whatever you choose, Apollo will certainly be there for you and for your site, they have been for me!

Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.



Excellent!.   - Review by Dan submitted on April 5, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I had previously had three sites with another company whose primary effort these days seems to be buying every other hosting company that looks their way. Slow response times, down sites and almost constant "router problems."

I have switched these three sites to ApolloHosting and they have been GREAT. Quick access, easy setup and quite a value for their price.

I would recommend ApolloHosting to those looking for a good HSP.
Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Access and ASP services   - Review by richard williams submitted on April 4, 2003
Overall Ratings: 8 out of 10

I have tried to get these features activated since the beginning of 2003 without success. Their Help Desk even suggests remedies (e.g., moving my site to ASP-ennabled servers) that they have already done in the past without success. So they not only cannot help me but they don't even remember what they themselves have done.

Apparently, Apollo either cannot really accept Access-fed ASP pages or it has an arcane folder structure that FrontPage does not recognize.

It would really be nice if their technicians understood enough it to be of any help, btu their Help Desk system and folks seem designed to hold you at bay and give minimal or evasive answers.
Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.





Scrub this Apollo mission before launching.  - Review by ArcherSLO submitted on April 3, 2003
Overall Ratings: 1 out of 10
I'm so disappointed. I thought that Apollo Hosting was going to be "the one". As with any web hosting business, when everything is running along smoothly, you apparently have a "good" company providing reliable service. But God help you when something goes wrong - because their tech support won't. Why can't these companies hire dedicated, competent staff? This company touts 24/7 support - three shifts of support personnel monitoring the Help Desk. What a joke! They take several hours to respond during non-peak hours! And then, the boneheaded support I've received screams incompetence to boot.

On Thursday, I was accessing my web site from a client's computer when I realized that some of my graphics weren't loading properly (we're talking tiny 2K JPG's). On Friday, I submitted a support request to help fix this issue, plus, I suddenly couldn't log in using FrontPage. My login problem was addressed (after several hours), but my images problem was entirely ignored.

I finally realized that the images in question (plus a few others) had somehow been corrupted - their permissions were corrupted, their file sizes were over 400MB each, they couldn't be deleted, and since my quota was now 0MB, all of my incoming e-mail was going into a black hole! That's right, four days now of no incoming e-mail. It doesn't even get returned to sender. Not good for business.

It is now Monday morning. I spent much of my weekend e-mailing and chatting with their "tech support" to get this resolved. I was assured that the "senior techs" were working on it. I finally issued them a deadline of midnight to get the problem fixed. "Prince" assured me repeatedly that it would be resolved by then. Midnight has passed and still no progress, and no word at all from those senior techs who are working so diligently to resolve the problem. I've just finished transferring my domain to yet another host. This routine is getting old. Can you relate?

The control panel lists a toll-free number for technical support. After calling the number and listening to a lengthy series of recorded messages, I was finally instructed to hang up and dial a toll number for support.

I finally reached Paul. Paul caught an earful to say the least, as I spared few expletives. But he sounded reasonably competent and sincere. He told me he'd have the problem fixed and he'd call me back in 15-20 minutes and I'd be a happy customer again (how patronizing and conceptually absurd!) I even explained to him how many times I heard a similar statement over the weekend. Alas, 70 minutes later I was back on the phone calling Paul to explain to him that when you promise to call a customer back within 20 minutes, you do so - regardless of whether or not the issue's been resolved by that time. Paul asked me if I could give him another hour - as if I had an choice in the matter.

There is absolutely nothing these people could do at this point to undo the damage to their reputation. They obviously have a lot of customers. But they're just another cookie cutter web host provider who leases their services from Alabanza just like so many other web hosts out there. Their control panel is pretty much identical to the myriad of others' who lease their services from Alabanza. I've seriously considered starting my own web hosting business simply because I'm so sick to death of customer service nightmares. "At Apollo Hosting, customer service is a top priority." If only there were a web host company who would walk the talk.

Follow up/closure: As of Tuesday morning, nothing changed. However, I did receive a phone call from the company president. She apologized and offered to refund my last month's charge. Fortunately, she made no excuses for the failure of her support staff to escalate the call, and she listened attentively as I explained the situation of the last five days with her company. I suspect her phone call may have been encouraged by the complaint I filed with the BBB on Monday.

Meanwhile, my site has been transferred smoothly to Hostway, though DNS servers are still being updated.
Representative of Apollo Hosting?  Click here to respond to this review.


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Rating Out Of Ten
Performance 6
Reliability 4
Customer Relations 7
Features 6
Control Panel 5
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