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Nine Tips to Make Your Home Business Successful

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Running a business from your home offers a lot of advantages. You can be your own boss,          save a lot of time as you do not have to commute to your office every day and have a           flexible working hour. But it has its share of disadvantages too. When working from          home, you have to face various distractions and different family and other             responsibilities may come into your way. The following are some tips which would help          you to succeed in your home business by keeping home and work separate:–

(a) Each day, make a list of the work to be done. Give priority to the more important
jobs and try to complete those in time. Set your goal and try to achieve that each
day. If necessary, work for some extra hours to achieve your target for each day.

(b) Avoid family interference. When you are working at your home office, your family
members must not interfere with your work. They must understand that even if you are
at your home, you are doing official work and that they should not disturb you and
interfere with your work.

(c) When in work, try multitasking to increase your output. Concentrate on your work
and avoid unnecessary surfing on the internet. If you find that there is too much
work to do, take the help of other family members. If necessary, you may outsource
some of your work.

(d) The main purpose of your business is to make money. So always sell products which
offer good profits and which have a good demand in the market.

(e) When you are running an online business, you must set up your own website/landing
page/blog. Even if you have an offline business, use the internet to promote your

(f) Use different traffic generation techniques to drive traffic to your website. You
may use ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC advertising, classified posting, article marketing,
forum marketing, traffic exchanges and other methods for traffic generation. Out of
these, PPC is a paid method whereas the others are free.

(g) A very effective internet marketing technique is ‘E Mail Marketing’. It involves
building your own ‘opt-in-list’. For this, you have to collect the names and e mail  addresses of the visitors to your website. In exchange of their names and e mail   addresses, offer them something of value, such as, a free e book. You can send   periodical e mails to the members of your list with offers of different products  which you are promoting.

(h) When you start, preferably focus on one business. After you become successful in
that, branch out to other businesses.

(i) It is very important to have enough capital so that your business sustains for the   first six months of operation. During this time, any income earned from the business           should be reinvested into it. After the first six months, you can start drawing some  money from your business.

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Five Ways to Earn Money From Your Website/Blog

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In most of the cases, the primary objective of setting up a website/blog is to earn  money from it. E commerce websites earn money from various e commerce activities   whereas informational websites/blogs earn money from advertisements and affiliate programs. The following is a discussion about the different ways to earn money from a website/blog :–

(a) Pay Per Click advertising:

Pay Per Click advertising (also known as PPC advertising) is the most common source of
revenue for informational websites. Google Adsense is the most popular PPC network.
Other PPC networks are Yahoo! Publisher Network, Bidvertiser, Chitika etc. After signing up with a PPC network, you will be required to paste some codes on your site or blog. Your site would then show some ads which are relevant to the topic/subject of the same. When visitors click on these ads, you make some money. The amount earned may vary from a few cents to a dollar. The amount earned per click depends upon the niche of the website/blog. Niches like mortgages, loans, forex and other financial products, college education etc. offer good cost per click.

(b) CPM Advertising:

CPM advertising is also a common source of revenue for sites/blogs. Here, payment is made as per the number of page views or impressions which the ad shown on your  site receives. CPM means ‘Cost per Mille’ or the cost per thousand impressions. This  form of advertising is suitable for sites/blogs having high page views like, online forums, magazines etc. The rates may vary from one network to another and may be as low as $0.10 per thousand impressions to the maximum of $10/$12. Some popular CPM networks are Value Click, Tribal Fusion,, Casale Media etc.

(c) Banner Advertising:

You may directly sell advertising space on your site/blog, in the form of banner advertising. This is the best monetization method as it eliminates middlemen   commissions.

(d) Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is the practice of selling goods and services of other people (called the merchant) for a commission. The affiliate is only required to drive traffic to the merchant website. He/she earns a commission when the visitors buy something from there. The popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, Commission Junction, Link share etc.

(e) Sponsored reviews:

This is suitable for blogs only. Here, you are paid to write a review on some product  or service. There are some networks such as, PayPerPost, Sponsored Reviews, ReviewMe, Smorty etc. which offer such services. The payment may vary from $5 to $50 or more.

In addition to the above, you can use other monetization techniques such as, having job
boards, marketplace, showing Pop-up or pop-under ads etc. You can even earn by putting
a ‘Donate’ link or button on your website or blog.

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8 Tips that will make you suceed as an affiliate marketer for your business website

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Affiliate marketing is the most popular online business which is suited for both the newbie as well as the experienced online entrepreneur. But success in affiliate marketing is not easy to achieve. It has been said that only 20% of all affiliate marketers generate about 80% of total affiliate income and the remaining 80% generate the balance 20%. The following are some tips which would help you to be successful in affiliate marketing and to be among the top 20% of affiliate marketers:–

(i) The most important thing is to select the right product to sell. The product selected should belong to a niche in which people are interested and spend money. The product should offer a high commission — at least 20%.

(ii) Build your own mailing list or ‘opt in list’. People generally do not buy on their first visit. Try to collect the names and addresses of your visitors so that you can follow up with them and offer your products. In exchange of their names and addresses, offer some freebies such as e books. You can use autoresponders to send pre-written follow up messages to the members of your list. ‘Aweber’ and ‘Get Response’ are the two popular autoresponder companies generally used.

(iii) Build your own website. You are likely to make more sales if you drive traffic to your own website/landing page, instead of the merchant website.

(iv) Cloak your affiliate links. Sometimes, visitors may avoid your link if they see some affiliate codes in the URL. So cloaking of your affiliate links are necessary.

(v) You must optimize your website for the different search engines. Search engine optimization or SEO helps your site to rank high in the search engine results.

(vi) Use article marketing to promote your products. This is a free technique to drive targeted traffic to your site. Write short articles on different topics relevant to your niche and submit those to different reputed article directories. At the end of each article, add a short description about yourself with a link to your site. People who read these articles may visit your site through this link. (

vii) Advertise your products through ‘Pay Per Click’ or PPC advertising. Google Adsense and Yahoo!Search Marketing are the two most popular PPC networks. In addition to PPC, there are other methods of advertising such as, classified ad posting, forum marketing, traffic exchanges etc.

(viii) Preferably, start working with one affiliate website. After you become successful with that, diversify to others.

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Some advice to suceed with your business in affiliate marketing for your website

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Tips to succeed at affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one thing on the internet that keeps its promises. It requires you to put in some effort and time but it also helps you to make money in return. In order to succeed at affiliate marketing, you can use the following tips.

Select a well-researched product

This is very important. You should know if the product developer or owner has taken the effort to research their product well. If they have tested different sales strategies and have a good plan in place to sell this product then you can be sure that you will not have difficulty making money by selling this product.

The owner should be aware of the target market of his or her product. If the owner himself does not know his product’s target market or if they have not done enough research about it then you will have to do it if you want to get returns. This can be a tough job to do. Therefore, always make sure before you jump on the wagon.

Join a free affiliate program

Some affiliate programs require you to pay some fees when joining. However, there is no need to join such programs. It is better to join a free program. After all, you are one who is going to work in order to make money for the product owner.

Develop a content-based website

This is very important because this will help you to establish yourself as a credible salesperson in the market. People often look to the internet for information. If your website can provide this information then they will keep returning to it for more and might even recommend it to others. Even if they do not buy anything, their friends might.

Besides that, if you have good content then the search engines will find you and rank you higher on their search results, thereby causing more traffic to come to your website.

Interesting, informative content is what makes visitors into loyal readers and later on even customers. Therefore, do not use any copied content. Make an effort and provide useful information.

Set for yourself some minimum limit as return

You need to do this so that you can get a better idea as to whom or which product you can choose to market. You need to get some minimum amount as profit when you sell something. You should not go for those products that do not give you enough profit. It is simply a waste of your time and effort.

You should compare your investments with your profits and then decide if the product is worth marketing or not.

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Secret to online marketing

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Affiliate programs are the most effective way so far for making sales online. Affiliate programs are free to join, most often and you will then get an affiliate ID when you sign up. This will usually be your ID number or user name.

You might even get a marketing kit or basic tools for marketing such as text ads, solo ads, banners and such that have a link back to the sales page of affiliates. You can use all these tools in order to drive traffic to the sales page.

It all sounds quite easy and simple enough and it is easy and simple, but only to understand and in theory. When you actually set out to do it, things become little bit difficult.

The only hitch in the whole process is the traffic or the people your adverts send to the sales page. Not many make the purchase. In fact, thousands may visit the sales page and yet you might not see a single sell. Now, that does not sound too good, does it?

Sadly, most people often do it in this way only. They give up hours upon hours, put in a lot of effort as well as money to get people to come to their affiliate sales page and purchase something.

Nevertheless, when they do happen to sell something and earn their commission, they realise that they will have to collect some more if they want to withdraw that money from their affiliate account owing to the minimum withdrawal limit.

It takes a lot to make that first sale and any one after that too. You need to know the secret to doing it or you will fail initially. Here is a secret. Do not directly advertise your product. You should do it through process that I have described below.

First, follow the principle of give-some-take-some. The easiest thing to give away is nothing other than information. People look for information on the internet and if you can give them that then you are laying the foundation of a potential relationship. Offer online courses, reports, ebooks or newsletter.

Keeping true to the principle of giving and taking, you will need to take their email address in return for the information. Believe me, people who otherwise will not divulge any information about themselves will willingly give you their email address if in return they are getting some information they have been looking for for quite a long time.

Giving good quality information will surely make you climb the charts on trust. It is important that they give you their name as well as email address. The name is so that you can talk to them on a more personalised basis. This works most often. It is better than some random generalised message.

Once you have established trust, you are now in a position to tell them about your product. They will now be listening to you and hence, it will be easier for you to get your point across to them.

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Importance of promotional material in affiliate marketing

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An affiliate marketing program needs a good number of affiliates if it needs to create some impact in the market. Once the affiliates are recruited, the next step is to provide them with good promotional material that is effective in helping the affiliates sell your product or service.

Usually, the promotional material can be found on your website and the affiliates can use it to boost their sales. They can advertise as well as pre-sell your products using this material.

Any affiliate will require such material if they want to see any substantial results of their efforts. In fact, in the absence of such material it is possible that affiliate marketing will slow down or even stop.

Now, each affiliate is unique and works differently from the next affiliate. Therefore, it is the duty of the businessman to spot and identify each affiliate and give him or her the appropriate promotional material so that they can use it as per their unique needs.

Any businessperson with an online business can consider from a variety of promotional materials for their affiliates. The promotional materials discussed here are mainly basic and many other less conventional and alternative methods are still open to the businessman to consider. Meanwhile, these are good enough for any such affiliate marketing program during its initial stages.

Email ads are one great promotional material. Affiliates who have a skill of writing and have ezines, newsletters find this promotional material very useful. They can send these things to their customers or prospects who happen to visit their site.

You can place adverts in emails that the affiliate can include in their newsletter. The adverts should be varied having different lengths depending upon the choice of the affiliate.

The email adverts should include animated words so that they can touch an emotional nerve with your readers. Most often, people buy on impulses so it is important to target their emotions.

Certain affiliates prefer to have signature lines, so they will benefit from signature files. You can give them clever witty lines and if some signature file suits the affiliate they will include it in their own line.

Another important promotional material is articles surrounding your product niche. These content-based articles are usually included in the website of the affiliate as well as in their newsletter or emails. Good articles are always required and used by most affiliates and so you should have them ready. In fact, good quality articles can cause the page ranking of your affiliates’ site to increase leading to more traffic.

Banners might not always be effective. However, they still have potential to attract prospects. You can ready banners that can fit anywhere in your website including toolbars, sidebar, bottom or top.

Images always speak volumes. Hence, keep display images of your products so that affiliates can use them.

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How affiliate marketing can help your business

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Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity among businesses to spread the word about their business and basically, to gain returns. It is an effective way to get your products to your customers. You have more people on your team and all of them will work because they earn commissions based upon the sales they make.

Thus, you pay them only when they make a sale. In this way, they are different from the general staff that you might have; you have to pay them even if they might be giving you results. However, that is not true for affiliates.

Affiliates increase your influence in the market and you can see a big increase in your sales through affiliate marketing.

It is as if people are out there, making every effort to sell your product and you do not even pay for all the effort they put in unless they make a sale. When you do make a payment to an affiliate, you never feel bad because you know that every penny of that cheque has earned you more.

The network of affiliates is very important in businesses and you can use them effectively for growing your business.

While it is vital that you have enough and more affiliates on your team, it is equally important that these affiliates are working and active. There is no use of having sedentary affiliates on your team. They simply give you the wrong picture that you have enough people on your team.

Your total sales will depend upon the price of your service or product, the number of affiliates who are actively working and the sales each affiliate makes in a month. Increasing any of the above three variables can result in an increase in your total sales.

However, increasing the price of your product is not that easy. In fact, it can also happen that people might not be willing to spend more on your product than they already do and you might end up losing customers.

Therefore, increasing the number of active working affiliates is one effective way of increasing sales. This will cause an exponential increase owing to the fact that active affiliates will produce more sales every month. Thus, you will have an increase in both the number of affiliates as well as their sales, resulting in good amount of sales for you.

Thus, it is all profit for you in this part. You save a lot of unnecessary money on advertising that might not be so effective as affiliates are.

You need a good affiliate manager because they are responsible for spotting and training active affiliates. Not many affiliates are active and you need to spot them and train them accordingly so that you can maximise their potential.

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Affiliate or super affiliate: which one do you want to become?

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Of course, the answer is that you want to become a super affiliate. Affiliate marketing is gaining popularity by the day and rightly so, this being one of the few legitimate ways of making money online.

It allows you all the benefits of working from your own home, having your own hours, your own schedule and most importantly, having no one to report to. You can put your skills to good use here and earn money along the way.

However, just like any other legitimate job, you will have to put in hard work and time if you want to succeed. This is certainly not a “easy money scheme.” If you do not want to work then this is not for you.

Persistence, determination and willingness to work are the qualities that make an affiliate. You need all of these qualities if you want to become a “super-affiliate.”

You also need to take advice from others in your field who have been here longer and have achieved their fair share of success. There one important thing that you need to do if you want to succeed, and that is, to choose a niche of your choice and then focus on it.

Initially, you will have to establish your ground and therefore, it is easier to focus on one thing than trying to sell several products simultaneously. You can expand when you have worked out your initial phase.

It is important that you select a product that you have some interest in because that will keep you going when things get tough. You need to develop a passion for your product. Learn as much as you can about your product.

When you understand your product, you will be able to spot and identify the target market. This will help you aim your advertising strategies for that particular market.

When you have an understanding and knowledge of both your product as well as the target market, you will be able to establish credibility with your prospects. This way you will able to establish trust with people and that is one thing that any salesperson or affiliate requires.

Do not go for exclusive deals that is merchants who make you sign up for them exclusively. This will restrict you and you do not want that, at least in the early stages.

Know the trends in the market and be ready to execute any changes if required. Internet marketing keeps on changing. New strategies keep coming in and therefore, you need to keep up if you want to survive. Therefore, if you want to succeed and excel at this, you will have to keep ahead of everybody else.

Finally, endure and persist. Keep going because you will see results.

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Affiliate marketing scams. Beware of the wrong ones

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Well, I have done my share of searching on the web about ways of making money and sadly enough I have failed and I have failed a lot. However, the only good thing out of all my failures is that I have discovered one thing that most of these “schemes” are actually “scams” and nothing else.

Nevertheless, out of all the empty claims and useless figures, they do tell one truth and that is that it is possible to make money online. The only thing is to look at the right place.

And the right place is affiliate marketing. You can earn money legitimately through affiliate marketing.

It is simple to understand but you will have to put in quite some effort before you can see any real money. Fair enough, though because you will soon see results and once you are set up and running, you might earn even if you do not work.

Now, what you do in affiliate marketing is that you promote somebody else’ product or services and if somebody buys the product through you then you earn a percent of that profit.

It is quite simple. It is the job of an online salesperson. You choose the product you want to promote and then you set out promoting it.

Of course, the company will usually provide you with tools such as email adverts, banners, articles and such stuff to help you promote. However, you are one who will have to do the promotion.

Before you go any further, you need to understand that this will not be easy if you do not have enough passion for your product. This field requires a lot of passion and patience on your part to keep you going and to help you succeed.

Search the different products and services and choose the one that you really have passion for. Do not settle for something just because you know that it might sell better. After all, even something popular might not sell through you because of your lack of passion for the product. Therefore, make the right choice.

Then you will need your own website. While some affiliates seem to do just fine even without one, it is always better to have one. You can use your website to promote several products that fall into a single niche.

This way you can have more people and sometimes they might be there to purchase one product and may end up buying more than a single product.

Above all, your website will help you develop a relationship with your prospects and your customers and everybody knows how important that is.

You can use the wide variety of promotional material ranging from ezines, safelists, classifieds, to online articles and offline brochures or flyers.

Your imagination is the only thing that sets limits to your advertising style. So, let is fly free and you will see results.

Put in good work and have patience and you will see the fruit of your labour soon.

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Affiliate Marketing and the effectiveness of newsletters

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Did you know that an average individual would need to see a product at least seven times before deciding to buy it? In other words, you as an affiliate will have to show the person your product so many times before they can decide to purchase it. A great way to get them to see your product would be through a newsletter.

The reason that newsletters work better than random emails because the individual has to sign up for the newsletter and this way you are not sending them spam. Hence, they will pay attention to what you have to say.

You can take their email addresses when they visit your website and then you can make them come back through your newsletter. You can keep repeating your product offer in the newsletter.

If they seem not interested in the product that you are offering them then you can offer them some other of your products. Soon enough, they will begin to purchase and you will begin to get the commission.

Your newsletter is the only point of contact that you have after the person leaves your website. You can use it to create a relationship with your prospect. The logic is simple enough. Anybody is more likely to purchase from someone they know instead of a complete stranger.

You can build your name and reputation in their eyes through your newsletter. You can do this by including informative content in your newsletter, useful articles on relevant subjects and such other stuff.

Use the correct tools when you are running a newsletter. Avoid using tools such as Microsoft Outlook. You can commit serious mistakes such as sending too many emails in one go and this can cause your webhost to shut you down. Besides that, it can also be quite time consuming and tedious.

Instead of that, you can use aweber or any other similar autoresponder service. This way you can create forms for signing up on your website. The service adds or removes subscribers automatically and you can set up the schedule as to when you want the messages to go.

You can schedule your messages that are not time sensitive. For example, you can set up the newsletter for the first message and the second and so on. Then, you can of course send newsletters that offer specific holiday promotions or such offers.

You can offer your newsletter for free when they sign up at your website. If they find interesting content on your website then they will surely like to receive your newsletter.

The newsletter will help you stay in touch with your prospect and you will soon see the results.