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Quality of a top notch web development firm

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The spectrum of the web development is still quite misunderstood or so to say misperceived by many. It is often believed among people as the “dark art”. Therefore, whenever you require aid turning your ideas and the designs straight way into a top quality site or web application, how do you get to know who you can have trust on in order to get this performed?

Here, I am to inform you of the keynotes which make a top notch web development company, and will aid you comprehend the type of questions you need to be asking the web development companies.

The followings are the main areas where we are going to have a deep look at, more importantly what you need to be looking for in a top quality web development company.

  • To be able to perform both the front-end and the back-end development
  • Don’t specialize in the one back-end technology
  • Should adhere to the best practices
  • Comprehending the marketing strategies involving the projects
  • Investment of time in regard to researching and developments
  • Having rigorous testing method, including the automated tests

Here, I put forward a narrative description on these points:

To be able to perform both the front-end and the back-end development

We should not be subscribing to notion of developers who do the front-end development and the developers who perform the back-end development. It is almost equivalent to having a plumber who just fits the pipes but leaves the most important fitting of the baths, the showers etc.

You have to chalk out the differences between the web developers and the web designers, there’s a totally different thought process prevailing in these two different institutes, but the separation between the front-end and the back-end is simply wrong. In order to prove you a good web developer you require comprehending the full development cycle and also needs to get engaged in the project right from the beginning to the end. There is also a lot to learn from working with the changeable technologies.

Don’t specialize in the one back-end technology
There are a good number of the good back-end technologies which are appropriate for the purpose of web development which includes the Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net and last but not the least the PHP. They all are having their strengths and their weaknesses and as a matter of fact, none of them is perfect. A good web development company needs to be flexible in whatever the technologies they make use of, in order that they make use of the most appropriate one for the requirements o the clients.

The main reason people spend time behind learning a varied number of technologies is to enable himself to pick and select the bits one like. Over time, the developers engaged with The League have been able to chalk out the good parts of every single technology and thereby formulate a good number of the best practices and make the best use of them across all the platforms.

Should adhere to the best practices
The key to attain the cult of a good web developer is not just the effort put in using the technologies which you use, but involves the best practices which you adhere to. As a matter of fact, the technologies arrive and go in the very fast moving industry but those best practices lat or at least get evolved. As a developer, if you are having a good grounding then it is possible for you to move with the passing times and the advancing a lot more easily.

So here are some of the best practices what we are discussing about:

  • Writing the semantic HTML
  • Adhere to the web standards for all front end coding
  • Automated test involving both the front-end and the back-end code
  • Utilization of the MVC framework

Comprehending the marketing strategies involving the projects
It is being complained a lot of time that the web developers don’t ponder over the marketing strategies of a project. This is owing to the core fact that the developers don’t really care. Well the fact is they should be doing. How is it possible for them that they advise their clients and ponder over helping clients make the right solution, if they are not even thinking regarding the “bigger picture”? If the developers blindly go on do the work, then they are not providing the clients a service, they are only being the meat puppet.

Investment of time in regard to researching and developments
As people are aware of that the web industry is a rapidly progressing industry. Things arrive and they vanish off in the blink of an eye. A top quality web development company offered its developers the much needed allocated time every week in order to have a look at the newer trends and the updated technologies. Admittedly a lot of these trends and the technologies are the dead ends, but you are not going to learn the fact unless and until you have a look at.

If you wish to learn whether or not a web development company is aware of the stuff, just ask them what their developers are looking into lately. You don’t require having knowledge over every single thing but you need to remain updated with the latest trends.

Having rigorous testing method, including the automated tests
Very often, it is seen that the client is the main tester for the projects. If this is occurring, then, in order to put things bluntly, the development companies don’t comprehend your project adequate enough; they are simply “banging out” the codes.

So, before you make up your mind and choose a particular web development company, just go through the above criteria and match them with the company you are trying to fetch service from.

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SEO and Website hosting combination

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SEO or search engine optimization is the most talked about subject matter among the webmasters. So much hype, so many controversies about what is the right way or what is the wrong. The concept is not old enough to formulate a concrete law to protect any kind of wrong doings. It is huge concept and almost like an art. You cannot limit it in any way. The most interesting thing is that, some of the very expert SEOs have claimed the term SEO to be a service. There is no proper definition of this term and no official linguistic value.

Gambert, One of the SEO specialists, has been trying to make a formal and government approved SEO process for all of us to follow. He thinks that like all other industries, SEO also must have its own standards and regulations as it has been claimed to be a service offered by so many SEO farms. He believes that having a proper set of regulations and standards would help the clients to find out the best possible option for them.

Now, we could all think that it’s a noble idea to bind SEO into a regulation pack put the question is, how much good would it do in serving the actual purpose? Do we really need standards to measure SEO?

Let us find out why the standard is thought to be so important for the SEO service. We all know the reason and the stories. There have been many incidents where people have been ripped off by black hat SEOs and SEO scams. It happens so many times that people are expecting a great result as a return of their investment and they end up getting a result way below the expected level. But this is only a part of the story. No one can deny the fact that most of the skilled SEOs are honest and work with dignity and ethics. In this situation, the best thing to do is to do something about the black hats. But is standardizing SEO the best way to go about it?

If there is a standard, there is likely to be a break down in the sector and all hell might break lose. It will never keep the black hats away from doing what they do. And once you bind the SEO service with rules and regulations, you are creating an obstacle for this hugely potential art from expanding. There are so many young minds working in this sector and there are tins of fantastic things to be explored. Putting limit to those would be a crime bigger than whatever the black hats do.

But, what about those people looking for a goof SEO service? How are they likely to find a SEO who is dependable and trustworthy? Well, you do not need standards to judge. There are other more convenient ways to deal with it. While looking for an expert SEO you have to search for a few qualities in him.

The first thing that you need to look for in an expert is a good reputation. Make sure that he is not a black hat. How you ensure it? Visit SEO forums on a regular basis. You will find all sorts of criticism and appreciation and reviews of the SEOs in the forums. If you are impressed by few of them write down their names and look for their work reviews in some other forums. Take a note of the person who posted the reviews. If you find the same person writing the same review in all the forums, leave that name out of your list.

The next thing you want from your SEO is a commitment of a long term service relationship. There is a very good reason why you need that. There are so many black hats, which would do it the bad way, and before you know you will find your site going up in the search results. You are happy and ready to pay them good money. But suddenly you find that the site is falling down with unbelievable acceleration. You look for the SEO but he is nowhere to be found. You might eventually get your site banned from the search engines. So make sure you have your SEO expert ready to keep a long term relationship with you. If they do not want to offer this service to you, then you better start looking for somebody else.

When you go for choosing a SEO expert, you need to make sure that, you both are on the equal terms.  Make sure that he knows what to do and how to do it. Decide on a few things before you spend a single dime on your SEO campaign.

It is very important for you to figure out whether your customers are looking for your product online? You are going to spend some money on optimizing your site so that visitors can easily find your site and products. But all of it would be worthless if there are very few customers looking for your site and products in it. You will have to depend on your SEO expert for him to advice on this matter.

A good way to find out if SEO is an effective idea is to observe the competitors. If you see that your competitors are spending good amount of money for SEO and getting a good return on investment, take it to be a positive sign. But if you see that none of the companies are investing in SEO, refrain from wasting money by denying the SEO service.

After considering all these, if you are satisfied you can go ahead with the expert. And all this did not need any standard and that is how it must be.

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Things one needs to expect from a copywriter

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The advancement in internet has been a wonderful thing to the business owners, marketing strategists and webmasters. The opportunities are huge and so are the dangers. Your site is your showroom and the web content is the sales manager for your customers. So you need to have a good copywriter who can make your web contents efficient enough to increase both your rankings and sales.

There are so many people offering copywriting services. No offense but most of them lack the quality that is essential to be a good copywriter. There are obviously great copywriters with awesome skills but they are hard to find. If you are looking for a copywriter for your site, you must choose carefully because, a lot depends on what they write. The writing is going to be your mode of communication with your customers. Customers will read the writing and then decide whether to go for your product or not. Again, the writing must also be technically written for the search engines to find it so that you have a good search engine ranking.

There are few qualities that you should look for in a copywriter. These qualities will determine the efficiency of the writer.

The first thing that you must look for is a copywriter who has good knowledge of SEO. He must understand the requirements and essentials of search engine optimization. In other words he should be able to understand the importance of key words and how the key word saturation plays a role in the search engine optimization. He needs know how it works so that he can use it efficiently. He needs to know more than basics about SEO to be a good copywriter.

Experience is worth a billion dollars. You need to find someone with a reasonable amount of experience in the concerning field. He might know all about SEO and writing, he still needs to get it together and come up with the work. His other works will certify his ability. Ask him for a few works that he has done for other sites and see what the result was. Was he able to take the site up the search engine ladder and increased the sale? If he did that, he must be a good SEO copywriter.

Make sure he understands the fact that, a reasonable number of keywords must be used in every page. If they over do it, your site will lose the credibility and if he underestimates the key words, the writing might be a disaster as far as SEO is concerned. Ask your writer to suggest you the number of key words you should have in every page. He will probably suggest maximum 3. Anything beyond that might cause problems to your sales.

Once you hire a copywriter, the agreement must be very clear. Both of you should know who is going to do the keyword research and select it. In most cases your copywriter should be able to do it. You can also get it done by some one more related to your business. Whatever the case might be, make sure that you have it sorted with your copywriter. He might be thinking that you are doing it while you might be thinking that he is doing it for you.

Your copywriter must be very precise about the keyword. The completion is so intense that you have to be very specific about the choice. You are selecting a key word for the search engines to rank you. Now if you do not be specific you might find yourself nowhere. For instance, if you are in the sports business, you cannot go with the keyword “sports”. The competition for this key word is huge and there are giant companies dominating the list. So you might not stand a chance to make it anywhere near the top. So you need to be as specific as you can be. You can use key phrases like “cheap sport commodities New York”. This is very precise and probably has less competition.

Word count per page is a very important issue. Ask your writer to clarify his idea of how many words he wants to put in every page. While you need to have reasonable amount of words in every page, you also need to be aware of the fact that, too many words can ruin it for you. You have to decide what the suitable number is depending on the nature of your business. The writer can sometimes try to persuade you to put more words in each page and charge you per word. You must know what the right number of words is and ask him to put exactly that in every page.

Your writer must know where to put the keywords. There is a huge confusion among the writers and webmasters about whether there is any possible impact of the position of the key word or not. The general perception is that, it has got some impact so it must be put in the right place and in the right manner. It is said that, the best option is to put the keyword in the heading in bold letters or links. You can also put the keyword at the end of the page.

One last suggestion is for you to be aware of grand promises. A writer might be very skilled and the most successful in his filed but can never predict the success. So if your writer is assuring you of huge success and an overnight upward curve in the sales do not get carried away. I am not saying that, it will not be a success but believing in all that one has to say might lead to unrealistic expectations and extra expenditure.

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Top 10 Tips of obtaining new customers

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If you’re starting a new web hosting business you’re probably looking at ways to attract new clients and you’ve found the right place! Take a look below for 10 tips on how you can attract new clients and keep your old ones!

  1. Offer your present and new client’s regular discounts and coupons such as free hosting for a month or buy a years worth of hosting and get a free domain.
  1. Set yourself an advertising budget on a monthly basis, it may not get you direct sales but when a client hears about your company in a few places they’re more than likely going to give you a try.
  1. If you have a list of good reviews and testimonials on your website you’re 10 x more likely to get new clients because they will find you’re a reliable provider who already has a small base of customers. Ask your current clients to write testimonials and in return you will give them free hosting.
  1. Pay for a professional review from a company who will write a fantastic but honest review of your company and place it on top hosting provider’s websites.
  1. List your company in directories, forums, blogs and top hosting company review websites.
  1. Have a blog on your website updating users of hardware and software updates, offers, coupons, free domains etc.
  1. Hold regular competitions so clients can win money, free hosting/domains etc.
  1. Make sure you keep your present clients sweet, email them on a regular basis to see how things are going and if there is anything u can do to help. This will make them promote your business when people ask “do you know a good web hosting company?” word of mouth is the best form of advertising so keep everyone happy!
  1. Provide great support, great uptime, be polite and friendly.
  1. Have reasonable prices with good resources, offer as many payment options for clients as possible and your company will be on the road to success within no time.
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Another listing of the best five web hosting providers

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Hostgator is one of the most popular hosting providers to date, they have a clean and simple website which is easy to navigate and find what you’re looking for. Hostgator have plans that start at just $4.95 a month which includes unlimited storage and monthly data transfer – all plans typically come with all the features you need. All seems perfectly well with Hostgator however they are over sellers but they are in control of what they sell and if there are problems they fix them promptly.

Justhost are another very popular web host with great web hosting packages starting from $4.95 a month with unlimited features. Justhost currently offer an unlimited plan for just $1.95 a month and this is definitely the cheapest around and will be very hard to beat on price. The website is fairly new and simple which shows they make the best efforts to make navigating for their customers so much easier.

Ipage are known for their great 24/7 support from professionals who care. Prices are very good and all packages include all the features you will ever need. They offer services such as web hosting, domain and email services and with most of the packages available to purchase come with free advertising vouchers to use with Google Adwords, Yahoo and Facebook. Ipage are definitely on the road to becoming one of the best hosting providers around.

They obviously got the name from host gator but wouldn’t it “scare” the customers away? Not quite, Hostmonster offer a very cheap and reliable service with the best support anyone could wish for. I feel their website lets them down a little as it doesn’t come across as professional as it should but it doesn’t stop them from being a great host with great support and very reasonable packages.

Bluehost have a fantastic web design which is very slick and professional. They are not the cheapest in the industry but for the services they provide they are very reasonable. Bluehost strive to be the best hosting provider around and bend over backwards for their customers. As a previous customer I was very happy with the service they provided and if I ever needed a shared hosting account I would choose these over anyone else.

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Becoming your own web hosting provider

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If you are very serious about building a profitable web hosting business with 100+ employers and 20,000+ clients this article probably isn’t for you, but if you want to build a small company that can be very profitable and very popular in a few years time then read on.

So first things first you’ll want to decide where you want to take your business and what targets you’ll want to meet on a day to day basis – whether you are planning on creating a huge or small business a decent business plan specifying all your targets in as much detail possible is needed. How many clients do you want to achieve in the first month of business? How many clients do you need to break even at the end of the year? What is the name of the company? These questions and many more should be answered in your business plan.

If you have only just thought of the idea of getting a server so you can sell web hosting to make loads of money then you probably haven’t thought about things well enough. Web hosting is a very tough business and requires a lot of patience and determination to make your first sale – let alone make a profit as this will take you months if not years.

As stated above, getting clients can be a little tricky so choosing a server to meet the demands of your client targets would be best rather than buying a very expensive server with loads of resources you probably won’t need for a good few months. While on the client side of things you need to make your website as professional and error free as possible – with as many payment options possible. If you can cover more payment options than your competitor then you’re already ahead of them and a good tip to keep in mind is to choose payment methods not many people use as well as the most popular.

You will want a Web Hosting Control Panel so your customers can order automatically and their accounts can be setup within minutes. The most popular is WHMCS as it’s very secure and the support is great – not forgetting the fact it helps with the financing side of things.

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Choosing the correct web hosting provider

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Finding your first web hosting provider can be very daunting but with the right help you can easily compare a decent host from a bad one. Try and find as much information about the host as possible, such as how many clients they have and what server specs they use because if they are not using the right hardware to host your website you could end up with a website that isn’t online for most of the time.

If you are looking to earn money from your website it is important you choose a host who can provide you with at least 99.9% uptime with that 0.01% downtime going on server hardware upgrades etc. Before purchasing a hosting plan you should definitely take the following steps:

  • Be sure to check out their email support, send them a dummy email saying you’re very interested in purchasing a plan from them but would like more information on the servers they use and how many clients they currently have – thus killing two birds with one stone.
  • Give them a call on their support line and see how long it takes you to get through to an agent who can help you with your queries, if they are as professional as they say they are they should be able to give you a prompt and polite response to any questions you have.
  • It’s always good to check their pricing structure, if they seem too cheap they are probably overselling their services meaning they are hosting too many clients on one server than the server can actually handle.
  • It’s also a good idea to see how quick their website is because it is probably situated on a server you will be hosted on, so this gives you a good idea of page load times etc. It would be a good idea to navigate their website to see if you see any problems design or coding wise then you can tell if they have made an effort to make their website look good.

There are many other steps you can take when looking for a hosting provider but these are definitely some of the more important ones – things like looking for good reviews from other customers and looking at what data centre the provider is situated in and if they have their own they’re probably as professional as they say they are!