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Linux web hosting and what are they?

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When you look for the web hosting plans, you come across many web hosting solutions. You will often come across a term ‘Linux web hosting’. This is a very important term to know. This article will give you an idea about the Linux web hosting.

Linux is an operating system. It is different from the Windows operating systems in many ways. It is used by many programmers and the ordinary computer users around the world. You will find various advantages of this operating system over the Windows operating system. The greatest advantage that Linux operating system has is that it is open source software. Open source software is the one which has its source code available for every one. There are different versions of Linux like Obuntu, RedHat etc.

Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python is the bundle of software commonly called LAMP. This is offered by all the companies offering the Linux web hosting. This means that where ever you see the term ‘Linux web hosting’, it will mean that you are getting this bundle as well.

This bundle meets almost all your needs. The Linux is used as an operating system where as the Apache is the web server and the Perl and Python are the programming languages. So Linux web hosting gives you these programming languages. The companies may offer additional programming languages if they feel the need for it. You should look for that in the programming languages tab of the service. The more languages offered, the better it becomes. Normally the good companies will offer many more programming languages and operating systems other than Linux.

When it comes to the Windows hosting, the differences between the two are very minute and an ordinary web master may not even notice it apart from the operating system. The only major difference is the use of programming languages. If you prefer using the programming languages like the visual C++ or the programs like the Frontpage, then you should use the Windows based web hosting. The choice is yours and you have to make the choice wisely. You have to be aware of the environment you are comfortable with. You should choose the web hosting accordingly.

If you are good at the programming languages which are offered by the Linux web hosting, then you should always choose the Linux web hosting. Although there is very small performance difference between the two, but the security difference is huge. The Linux gives you better security and you are much safer and less vulnerable to the security breaches and the virus attacks with Linux web hosting.

Another major difference that may interest you is the price. Linux web hosting is always cheaper than the Windows web hosting. You may notice here that the Linux has the overall edge. It comes at a lower price, the security is better and above all, it is more reliable.