Our Past Experience

I signed up for Internet hosting with FeaturePrice for several of our company's web hosting accounts in August of 2002. They collect a full year's fees up-front, which seemed acceptable at the time, but after numerous problems with their service (excessive downtime, rude customer support representatives, false claims on websites and slow performance) over the course of 6 months, I moved all my sites to another hosting service and requested FeaturePrice (FP) to refund my money and cancel my account. They refused, citing their online 'contract', which contains clauses that are clearly punitive in nature -- and should be unenforceable. Essentially, the only 'reason' for a refund would be a technical issue they could not resolve. Their method of determining whether or not there is a valid technical problem is unknown and FP is the only one 'qualified' to determine if there is a valid reason for refund. Therefore, it is unlikely you, or anyone else you know, will ever receive a refund from FP, as nearly as I can tell. If you also had poor experiences with featureprice and would like to share,.

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