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Comments from other users regarding other web hosting companies.

Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company: 256 Belleville Rd. New Bedford MA 02745

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $29.95 - Business Plus

Comment about web hosting company: Much faster and more reliable than my previous host, Jumpline. Prompt support and pleasant to deal with.



Name of Web Hosting Company: ValueWeb

Address of Company: Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $210+ US per month Dedicated windows 2003 server

Comment about web hosting company: No Value at Value Web.

Our web service uses a series of dedicated courier servers that we place in different hosting centers as a strategy to reduce latency time and choke points. We decided to try Value web's
Florida location out as they were looking to be very price competitive and have a great sales pitch.

We did a complete investigation of Value web's dedicated windows 2003 server, (500 GB transfer, 10 MB band width) plan, and then switch a small number of trial users onto this server.

Apologies are in order as unfortunately this trial did not workout as hoped.

Here is a summary of our experience:

Our first warning of the issues to come started by getting off to a rocky start with Value web technical team. We ran into problems right away as the salesman we originally dealt with "misplaced" our
instructions on how to partition the hard drives of the new server. Next they proceeded to charge us to do this work (at $150 per hour). OK fine, maybe we weren't clear (although every other data center we have dealt with didn't have this problem). We gave them the benefit of the doubt on this and moved onto our testing after waiting for a week for the disks to be properly partitioned.
We installed our software, dropped in our standard web configuration, and everything else worked out fine, Windows 2003 is a charm to work with. One month into the evaluation we went live on this single server with a limited number of trial customers. With-in several days we began to have issues with the actual bandwidth. It appeared that after our initial testing the Value web folks had placed a throttle on the box (normally done at the router or firewall hooked to the box). Instead of
getting a 10MB pipe our connection was throttled at about 1/10 of this and this is being generous. The maximum transfer speeds we were seeing were 42 KiloBytes a second. At most this would give us 100GB a month at full tilt, 1/5 of what we were paying for. After politely pointing out this limit, the value web technical team blamed our technical staff, and made other excuses claiming that we had miss-configured the box. When we pointed out that our configuration was a standard "cookie cutter setup" running successfully in their competitors hosting centers at 10 times the speed, they produced other excuses, such as "traffic was heavy today", or do a "tracert" ( a utility that shows latency time between different points on the internet) and you will see that its not our problem. We stopped adding trial customers to this box and gave them two weeks were we closely monitored the box to see if there would be any improvement, there wasn't.

At no point during the last two months have we ever had anything more that a 42 KByte connection speed, which is a 100GB per month limit (and I am being generous on the up side for the sake of being fair). This limit was imposed by ValueWeb ( lets assume unintentionally for the sake of saving face for them).
Bottom line is after talking until we were blue in the face, (and a lot of time on hold) we cancelled our server with them. and got nailed with wasting even more time and resources trying to get them to "confirm" our cancellation. and then there was the little matter of the . wait for it.
30 day cancellation notice and fee!
Luckily we started with only one server and the disruption to our customer base was minimal, but even with this they cost us a lot of real money, time, not to mention a few unhappy trial customers.
To say that we are unhappy with our decision to try value web is the understatement of the year, as one of our customers put it when we explained the situation to him, "Do you mean to tell me that YOU fell for a classic bait and switch?".

Our apologies to the trial customers that were affected, and rest assured we will not be using value web again. We continue to enjoy tremendous service and performance from our existing service providers in the US.

Mark Brooks
CanDo Networks Corporation



Name of Web Hosting Company: Virtual Internet (UK) Ltd

Address of Company: Unit 5 Elysium House - 126-128 New Kings Road - SW6 4LZ

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 120# - Web25



Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Basic-PK 2.99/Month

Comment about web hosting company: They are very few hosting website i been to that offers you a bunch of free scripts and 24/7 support. I had no problems with them and i been with them for 3 month already and i think they are the best. And the thing i love the most is that they give you a free domain and give you advice on how to build and manage your website. I give them A++ out of all the host sites i been with. and they dont charge you to upgrade. The only thing i dont like that they dont have Auto account creation but i request it and they said that they are in the process of offering that by next month hopefully


Gold / $24 per Mo
Over the past two years Verio has experienced a slow decline to their present low.

Online response times are average.  Uptime estimates are slightly below industry norms.

Any system support is provided on a fee only, when time permits basis.  Need a file restored?  Its $50 and takes 2-3 days.

Accounting is a nightmare.  The billings is almost always wrong.  Its impossible to cancel any service.  Once we, per our instruction, asked for a domain name to elapse.  The verio response was "thats against our policy" and tried to bill me $350.

Mail service is abysmal.  Traffic in and out can be delayed as much as 4 hours.  It seems they are the target of every spammer.  The "new and improved filter" has been comming for months and is only months away.  At least thats what tech support has been saying for months.

Technical support, while readily available, is consistantly unable to provide any technical support.  It would seem their primary function is to tell write a problem report that will never be acted on and you will certainly never get a follow up.



Name of Web Hosting Company: WBWS

Address of Company: Houston , USA

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $9.99 US/month Plus Plan

Comment about web hosting company: ever since i signed up with them i havent had any problems , the only one was with the payments but they sorted that out

i would like to know if u ever tested that company because it is not found on ur website



Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company: brookfield, CT

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 25

Comment about web hosting company: absolutely the worst customer service of any business that i have ever dealt with in my entire lifetime. i wouldn't recommend this company to anyone at all, ever.



Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company: 487 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 7.95/month Unix Value

Comment about web hosting company: offers a free domain name and does not charge a set up fee for even its least expensive plan. Includes many add-ons and features including a Sphera control panel.

Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company: 487 Federal Rd, Brookfield, CT 06804

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Unix Value $7.95

Comment about web hosting company: For $7.95/month (with prepaid annual hosting account), you get a full-blown UNIX based hosting account with Sphera control panel management, as well as a free domain name. AND, no set up fees.



Name of Web Hosting Company: Web Designs & Images

Address of Company: USA

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $4.95/month Basic Package

Comment about web hosting company: Very fast servers.



Name of Web Hosting Company: WebHostingBuzz

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Buzz Factor, $48 annual

Comment about web hosting company: This company offered easy setup and tons of features that other companies charging three times as much do not have working. I could list examples such as Host Rocket that still does not have anti-spam working after nearly 2 years.

WebHostingBuzz was my first attempt to find a company that offered the features I needed at a reduced price. I knew I would give up something, but they list 24x7 customer service so I wondered if this was too good to be true. It was!

They offer InvisionBoard discussion softare and I started a nice discussion list that was growing at 5 new members a day. The SQL database got corrupted and I asked the host to please restore it from their backups. Since it was 2:30am I figured they'd have it up before morning. At 8am they replied that I could post a question on the software maker's forums for help. I asked them to restore the database as I was in a hurry to get back to operations quickly. by 24 hours after initial request, they claimed to restore the database to a week-old status, but it was not restored and still did not work. I deleted the existing files completely just to be sure that when they restored, I would know for sure. Another 12 hour wait. They wanted to confirm that I wanted another restore and that they'd follow up when done. Now at 48 hours after the original incident they are terribly sorry but they've cleaned out the backups to make more space. So I am SOL and they are just S.

Go anyplace else, and find a host that has support. Extra features may as well be frosting on a turd without support and service.



Name of Web Hosting Company: WebIntellects

Address of Company: Carlsbad, California

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Platinum Plan $18.95

Comment about web hosting company: We have been with them for about four years. I am impressed with their up time 99.9%+++, and their unequalled support. Support is a dirty word (it seems) to some but not WebIntellects.

They do tend to respond with less than enthusiastic response on things that are in the help files, but then that is what help files are intended. However when I have had real problems, they respond quickly and thouroughly.

Using MySQL is at your own risk. Their control Maestro panel is very handy. I wish their spam control allowed for wild cards that would permit me to lock out an entire domain such as ".RU", spammers seem to have an unlimited supply of addresses.

Yes there are others hosts cheaper, but are they reliable? WebIntellects, in my opinion, is very reliable.

John (



Name of Web Hosting Company: Web Tapestry

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: for #8.00 for 2yrs

Comment about web hosting company: I got a domain for #8 every 2 years and you get some free pop email address

Very Cheap



Name of Web Hosting Company: WeHostStuff

Address of Company: 890 west 15th street #84, Newport Beach CA 92663

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $19.99/month Quick Start Pro

Comment about web hosting company: WebSite Goal:

To give myself a presence on the internet.

Why did you need a website:

As a Real Estate agent, I wish to offer my customers the best tools to track and follow their requests.

What WeHostStuff services make Your experience easier:

The ControlPanel allows me to add emails and forwarders in a matter of seconds, that is impressive.

How would you consider your experience with us:

I like having my website hosted here. So far the support has been fantastic and responsive.

Why did you choose WeHostStuff:

Looked for something that will offer me a database, database tools (I do real estate, i am not a tech guy) and a good monthly cost. This was my exact budget and the website was clean and easy to use.



Name of Web Hosting Company: Westhost

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Value - $13.95

Comment about web hosting company: Except for a server upgrade initiative they had, Westhost has been a very reliable company. Just wondering how they stack up against other.



Name of Web Hosting Company: Win-Hosting

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Bronze #69

Comment about web hosting company: Good all rounders, server speeds are very good. Tech support help you all they can. Over all good customer care



Name of Web Hosting Company: Wiz WebHost

Address of Company: Schaumburg, IL US

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $9.95 / month, Unix Budget Plan

Comment about web hosting company: Over the six years of my Internet presence I have had painful experiences with different hosting companies, thus changing a provider more than once. Now I am on my fourth host and it seems like this time it is for long. First of all, because Wiz WebHost is oriented towards Web Masters who intend to run professional sites and secondly, since I have an interactive forum on my site, I'm logging on at least daily basis and more likely during peak hours. I was impressed with the extremely robust server environment Wiz WebHost offers. I feel like I'm strongly backed and have complete peace of mind, never having to worry about downtime issues with my websites.

Wiz WebHost provides one of the most affordable hosting options to get your site up and running on the Internet today. Among a variety of features they offer the opportunity to switch between a Linux or Windows based server for no charge - if technically required by the hosting account subscriber. If you have already had your share of discontinuous connection during your previous hosting experience, you will be glad to learn about the completely redundant power supply backed up by the industry's most reliable UPS systems and triple data backup. In case of a power cut or outage, the diesel generators start automatically. If you prefer cost-effectiveness along with redundancy, Wiz WebHost is definitely a choice for you.



Name of Web Hosting Company:

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 2.99 a month, Starter Plan, 500 MB of space and 5GB bandwidth transfer

Comment about web hosting company: I have had positive experience so far with no downtime. I have been hosting with them for a year so far and am very happy that I am spending $10.00 less a month and getting the same service I was with my former host. My former host was great as well, but I just needed to cut costs on my business.



Name of Web Hosting Company: XCalibre

Address of Company: West Lothian, UK

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Multiweb Plus #399 pa/ Advanced Reseller #49 pm

Comment about web hosting company: Cheap with good features but the uptime and reliability of the services are awful, I've lost so many emails due to incorrecting DNS pointing it's frightening. I'm moving elsewhere once my subscription runs out.



Name of Web Hosting Company: Xtreme Hosting Inc.

Address of Company: Toronto, Ontario. Canada

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Lite2 $3.50 per month

Comment about web hosting company: After some initial setup issues of my own doing, I am very pleased with the variety of services provided and will recommend Xtreme-Hosting as an economical way to having a web presence. They are also a very communicative outfit and as updates and changes take effect, we now almost immediately. Well Done!



XTA Hosting
15 beryl st
Advance 10.95 a month
Well i was looking for a good hosting for my personal site. Before i signed up i contacted them and asked some questions. There support is frendly but not the fastest. The sign up process was easy and straight forward. I got my site up and running in no time, and there up time is great. They dont have fantastico but They include a program called scripta and that program has twice as many scripts in it, i was amazed. They have flash support,php,shtml,cron jobs, frontpage and all the other stuff. I really enjoy there service never had a problem with my site or anything. I`m really glad i found there company.

Name of Web Hosting Company: Your-Site

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: $5.00/month on yearly plan/basic

Comment about web hosting company: I have been using Your-Site for a little over a year now and just re-upped for another year. Never had any complaints until now. As of 12/9/03 they have dropped off the radar. I noticed I was receiving no orders from my small web site. I decided to check my links from shared advertising sites. Couldn't get in. Went to my web site, couldn't get in. Went to their web site can't access. Went to and and found nothing. It's as if they never existed. As you say in your review, they don't have telephone support. I am dead in the water at the busiest time of the year!



Name of Web Hosting Company: 1T3

Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 29.99/year to register domain - receive free hosting

Comment about web hosting company: I'm new to publishing a website. I'm volunteering (and paying) for this duty for my church. I was obviously looking for a low cost host, but I also needed a certain amount of support. After some web searches, I felt had a great deal, and they had 24/7 tech support via live chat. I thought this would be great.
After hosting with them only a few months, the company went through some changes. 1T3 never once bothered to tell me, or likely anyone else about their changes. The changes resulted in my website being unavailable for me to update for about a week (very frustrating)!
The company has performed some cosmetic changes to their website, along with raising their rates for hosting (as if I wasn't paying enough for their abuse already). However, their virtual live chat is now "manned" by a computer generating scripted answers. I have submitted questions to their support desk and waited DAYS for a response - completely unacceptable!



Name of Web Hosting Company: 1T3

Address of Company: n/a

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: 4.99 Basic Hosting w/Windows

Comment about web hosting company: As a web designer, I look around for a lot of deals, reliability/stability, features and more importantly the cost.

I've stumbled across this hoster which cought my eye of the 4.99 plan (Now 49.95 a year) for 250Mb's of hosting space, unlimited traffic, Databases, FTP Clients, Emails, Auto Responders and lots of other nice features.

Although the price seemed right and the features are really nice, I decided to sign on with their service.

I started to code my PHP technology and SQL databases, started to test my website to notice that it took about a minute for my webpage to actually appear. After I made modifications, the site was finally down and I wasn't able to view my changes. I wanted to contact their customer support to only find out they are only communcation is via forums and e mail. No phone number or chatroom to get in touch with technical support.

A month later, my website is up, and I still haven't recieved a responce from their team of support and to find out that same month that the servers were down again, this time they were un accessible for over a week. I figured maybe the FTP server is down, so I logged on through their poor control panel, to find out that none of my files were on their servers, in fact only 2 folders remained and none of them were what I was looking for. It came to reason that their servers were down or crashed and they didn't have any backup plans. My client whom I was building a site for had the exact same problem because I had him sign through 1T3 as well.

The Pros:

Nice Price

Nice Features

The Cons:

Bad support contact

Horrible FTP login times

More downtime then uptime

Purchase method was only through PayPal

I don't recommend this company, although their fancy site looks promising, but you can't judge a book by it's cover. Speaking of which, their website isn't properly created, for everytime you click a link, their annoying sound affect filled title bar re-animates when a new page opens. Especially their payment method is very unprofessional and questioning.



Name of Web Hosting Company: 1&1

Address of Company:

Internet Address of Company:

Pricing Plan Purchased: Free, Premium

Comment about web hosting company: This website is offering a time limited offer for their award winning webhosting. The offer is that you can get the hosting for free, for three years. This offers includes all fully licensed software, 500 MB webhosting, 5 GB bandwith, 50 POP emails, 1 domain name (they select it). FTP access is available, and can be accessed with a web-browser, or their included software. They also include scores of different services.


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