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Performance 8 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review 87%
Reliability 8 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Customer Relations 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Features 9 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Control Panel 8 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review

Introduction to Hostgator Hosting

web hosting approvalAnyone who has ever done any kind of internet marketing or anyone who has ever been online for hosting a website knows about this company. Every one and their grandmother knows who HostGator is because they are nowhere near new to the game and they are one of the more respected companies in the industry because they simply deliver. My personal experience goes a way back as this being one of the main hosting services that I use. From the amazing features they offer at their price, the incredibly low pricing for all budgets, the innovative design of their control panel and their great customer support, there literally is an endless amount of information out there to make this company one of the top internet web hosting companies.

Pricing & Cost Effectiveness of

Hostgator hosting awardThe pricing is one of it's kind and offers a very unique kind of flexibility for all customers with all kinds of different needs. Now of course, the higher the plan you get, the more flexible your hosting will be but the generally great thing about HostGator is, that you don't have to go with their highest paid and most valued option to get the most out of their service because you generally get the best features with even their cheapest plan. For web hosting they have 3 different plans, the hatchling plan, the baby plan and the business plan.

The hatchling plan while only allows 1 domain, starts out at a very cheap and generous $4.95 a month. Like every one of their plans, they offer unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space on their services. The next plan up is the baby plan which is only $7.95 a month and is the most common picked choice since it allows unlimited domains. The business plan is usually for large traffic websites and business owners for only $12.95 a month and it even allows you to create your own toll-free number. Also, with all available plans there is a $25 credit to Google Adwords you will receive and if done right, can help get a quick and large boost of potential customers to your website.

Hostgator Customer Support

This is one of the few hosts that I have seen that offers a 24/7 online chat for customer support and I can personally vouch and say I have never had to wait more than a couple of minutes for a response from their online chat. Most places make you call and sit through a bogus nonsense machine before getting to an actual representative but not HostGator.

You are almost instantly connected to a qualified professional who stays with you on the chat until the problem is solved guiding you every step of the way. HostGator has received numerous and a large number of awards, many concerning it's customer service because out of all of the hosting companies I have tried, I can assure you this company's support for technical and customer is top of the line. When I sold a website, they had even helped me transfer my domain over and guided me step by step through the process to avoid the confusion since I was very new to the whole process and had no idea what to do.

Design and Ease of Use of Control Panel

A lot of hosts have great features now and their own Cpanel integrated into the hosting but do they have all of the features you need? HostGator provides all the features you need and more. Whether it be content management solutions such as Joomla, PHP-Nuke, Drupal, Siteframe, Xoops, many many more and that's just content management.

They also have scripts for running your own picture sharing website, your own classifieds ads website and just about every thing else you can think of. Installing a wordpress blog or installing a highly sophisticated forum is just as easy as clicking a button with this host. The best part is, if you need help or assistance with transferring any files or getting it all set up, the technical support via online chat or phone or even e-mail can help you out and guide you through the entire process. There's almost an endless amount of possibilities you can do with a website with all of the features HostGator provides for you at such a low rate.

You can also open up the possibility of starting your own online store and selling products whether they be virtual or real as there are scripts for running a store and an online shopping cart which uses the trusted Paypal and Google Checkout. Or perhaps you would like to start your own Wikipedia run off site and would like to start an information kind of website on something you're knowledgeable about, well with their Wikipedia clone script, it's just a click away and once again if there are any problems with any of your scripts or features then there is always a professional technical available 24/7 there to help you.

I have never personally had a problem uploading or installing scripts and I have found that they're very conveniently easy to maintain and run or even change with the use of how-to-videos that they've put on their website for newbies. Perhaps if you don't have your own website builder or have any HTML knowledge at all, they even have their own website builders for you to create your own website with a drag and drop editor.

Conclusion - Editor's Choice for Web Hosting

In my years spent online I can honestly tell you that I have been all in all with a lot of different web hosting companies and I have found a lot of companies at the time that I thought were a great company which later turned out to become sour.

HostGator is here to stay however and I don't see it changing any time soon. From the excellent customer service they offer on demand twenty-four hours a day to the amazing features and easy to navigate control panel they offer, there are no cons to this website hosting company.

Thousands of people worldwide use Hostgator for their web hosting needs for personal and business use. They provide services such as basic web hosting, blog hosting, business hosting, dedicated server hosting, co-location services and much more! Many people including myself share the same opinion of how great and cheap Hostgator are and of course there are those who have had poor experiences but unfortunately not every hosting provider is perfect.

When I say people say how great Hostgator are I really mean it, just do a quick search in Google and see how many thousands of great reviews they have by current and past clients. One of the main factors why Hostgator is one of the most popular has to go down to how cheap and professional they are I am not going to dismiss the fact they oversell but can guarantee from experience they are in complete control and if there was a problem they would fix it promptly.

Not only are they cheap but they also manage to provide top quality 24/7 support from very polite professionals who care. On a very regular basis you will find a lot of discounts and coupons they share with present and new clients, more often than not a decent offer which involves a free domain!

As stated above, Hostgator cater for absolutely thousands of people and businesses worldwide so this proves they are reliable and professional. Their servers are top quality and kept up-to-date with all the latest software and hardware. This review is from a very happy customer and you will most certainly find more like it probably because Hostgator are one of the best hosting providers around.

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business web hostingAbout Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator Most Popular Plan Name Regular
Monthly Bandwidth Unlimited
Total Disk Space Unlimited GB
Monthly Cost $4.95 /mo.
Control Panel Demo Yes
FTP Accounts 5
CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP and SSI Yes
E-Mail POP3
FrontPage Extensions Yes
Raw Log Files Yes
Protected Directories Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Adult Sites Support Yes
Mailing Lists Yes
Operating System Unix
Telnet/SSH N/A

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