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Page 1 Infinology Web Hosting Reviews

Infinology good  - Review by Catherine Lee  submitted on January 11, 2004
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I recently switched hosting providers from Interland to Infinology.  In comparison, Infinology has been a breath of fresh air.  They have by far the best features and unbeatable prices.  Since I switched my server has not gone down and I have had no problems reaching customer service reps.  I was also very successful getting answers through email and their billing guy is very helpful.  I would recommend Infinology to anyone that wants reliable service 24/7.


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Super Service  - Review by Lena Kong  submitted on January 8, 2004
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I have not had any problems with Infinology since I started using them 2 weeks ago.  Setup took minutes and I was even able to reach someone on a Sunday at 7:30pm.  Almost immediately after signing up for their service I received an informative email that helped me to setup FrontPage and start editing.  In addition, Infinology hooked me up with tons of features that sport fast download speeds.  In addition, downloadable backups are definitely a big plus.  The people at Infinology are incredibly professional as well as helpful.  They were able to address all of my problems and answer all of my questions in a courteous and prompt manner. 


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.




Good Host   - Review by  Chong Ming  submitted on December 31, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10

I was introduced to Infinology by one of my friends who said that they were the best hosting company he had ever used.  When I first took a look at their products and prices I thought that such incredible deals were too good to be true.  I thought that I might as well give them a try because such great accessories at such a low price are hard to come by.  Although I was still skeptical, after one conversation with a sales representative I felt confident in trusting them.  It has now been 7 months since I started using Infinology’s services and I have not been disappointed yet. 


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.




Good Host for business   - Review by Clara Thomas  submitted on December 11, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9.5 out of 10

As a small business owner, all decisions I make for my company are pivotal and require much thought and research.  So in order to find the best web hosting for my money I scoured the internet for the best company with the best price.  When I found Infinology my first reaction was that they had great prices.  I wanted to learn more about them and the quality of the service they provide so I checked them out on google and found a bunch of review sites that provided information straight from customers.  Although I did find a few reviews that gave negative feedback, the good reviews far outweighed the bad.  My decision to try Infinology was based partly on what customers had to say as well as the great prices that accompany all of Infinology’s plans.  I would recommend this company to everyone that is interested in getting the best service for their money.  Infinology definitely delivers!!!


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Two Thumbs Up   - Review by Mark Anthony  submitted on January 17, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10


Setting up service with Infinology was extremely easy.  In only a few hours I was up and running.  For my purposes I purchased 50 GB of space and I was able to achieve all of my files easily.  The backup of my pc on the web is incredibly reassuring, I like knowing that if something happens to my cp I can always retrieve my info off the web.  So far I have been using Infinology’s services for 3 months and my site has not gone down yet.  I give them two thumbs up.


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.




Great Deal   - Review by Omar Gonzales  submitted on January 4, 2004
Overall Ratings: 8 out of 10

I always use a monitoring service to check that my site is up.  So far I have not had any problems.  Although Infinology’s tech support is sometimes weak, if you can get into a sys admin on the phone they are incredibly helpful.  I have been a customer of theirs since last year.  Infinology has been consistently reliable and their rates have not risen.  I recommend them with my highest regards.


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.




Infinology staff - wonderful   - Review by Cynthia Smith  submitted on December 11, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

After a long and exhausting bout with another provider I finally decided to try Infinology.  Unlike the other provider I was trying to sign up with, I did not have to wait through automated links that promised to call back.  Instead, I was greeted by a real person and all of my questions were answered clearly.  Setup took minutes and I have been satisfied ever since. 

In addition, questions were also answered through email.  If I wanted more information, they simply sent me an incredibly informative email that explained everything.  Questions were answered thoroughly, patiently, and promptly.

I was amazed at how quickly my site was activated.  All I had to do was use my credit card online like any other purchase from an ebusiness.  Within hours they had set up my site whereas my other provider had left me uncompleted for weeks.

In addition, Infinology’s service came with a comprehensive tutorial including everythin I needed to create a “real” page.  It was so packed with options and tools I couldn’t pull myself away from it.

I have had nothing but excellent service from this company from day one.  I recommend them to my family and friends and I recommend them to you as well.
Cynthia Smith


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.





Infinology provides wonderful service   - Review by Daniel Gray submitted on November 15, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

Not too long ago I decided to fulfill a personal goal of mine in creating my very own website.  This would not be a regular geocities website with limited character spacing and space.  I wanted something that could support me and my long-term goals for my site.  After looking at my options and shopping around a great deal I finally decided to sign up with Infinology.  Not only was their support team incredibly well informed but they also answered all of my questions.  I would recommend their services to anyone who is looking for dirt cheap pricing and a competent support staff. 

Daniel Gray


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.





SUPER SUPPORT - Review by David Cavanaugh submitted on August 23, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10

I signed up with Infinology a few months ago.  It seemed as if the second I signed up for an account, it was created right away.  I started creating my site immediately.

Because I am not the most tech-savvy guy, I sent in a ton of emails. Every question was answered patiently and expertly.  They helped me out with so many things, I definitely couldn’t have set up everything alone.

In the past two months I have not experienced a single problem.  My site has expanded so much I have upgraded my plan twice.  Each upgrade was easy, guided by one of their tech support technicians.  

Since the beginning of my business interaction with Infinology, I have had nothing but excellent service.  I would recommend them to anyone.

David Cavanaugh


Representative of Infinology?  Click here to respond to this review.





INFINOLOGY NOT ALL THAT.   - Review by Dan Dickens  submitted on May 23, 2003
Overall Ratings: 3 out of 10

At the time I signed up for service with Infinology I was pressed to find a web host with the lowest possible price around.  Infinology hooked be due to their dirt cheap prices and their attractive packages.  In addition, I searched around online to find reviews on them and most of the ones I found were good.  So I decided to take a gamble that eventually compromised the life of my business and gave me more gray hairs that I can count.

Basically the whole experience was a disaster.  Every time I tried to call them I got the same prerecorded message: “Due to the high volume of calls there are no service representatives to help you at this time”.  Then, when I tried to leave a message I was told that the mailbox was full and that I had to call back at a later time.  This was ridiculous enough but it gets worse. 

Although they guarantee 100% uptime, my site was down 50% of the time that I used Infinology’s service.  I never did get in contact with a customer representative and all of my emails went unanswered.  When I tried to get a refund I had to fight just to get in touch with someone and when I finally did they said that they had to give me a different number.  The number they gave me led me right back to the same recording I had had before. 

 This was altogether the worst business venture I have ever taken.  After bringing my business to the brink of extinction, Infinology has not paid me any reparations and I have yet to receive my refund check.  Do not do business with these people if you value the life of yours.

Justin Baker, small business CEO


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