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Performance 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review 67%
Reliability 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Customer Relations 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Features 8 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Control Panel 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review


web hosting infinology awardInfinology has been a major player in the industry after their initial merger with Primemaster. After their merger in 2000, there has been nothing but trouble for the company. There were major problems between the migration of previous Primemaster clients to Infinology web hosting. Customers were complaining left and right about their missing website.

Soon thereafter, Infinology continues to disappoint in service and quality.

Initial Impression of Infinology

Infinology means "Infinite Technology" Unlike most web hosting companies, Infinology has been honest about their pricing and offerings. More often than not, hosting companies usually falsified their claims on their website making their web hosting packages more attractive than the average hosting company, but later on hoping that no user would take advantage of their features.

After calling Infinology, we were properly greeted by an Infinology representative. They were able to describe to us all the various offerings on each plan. They were definitely friendly when we asked them all levels of questions ranging from easy to difficult. We were not afraid to ask them questions, because their representative was respectful and understanding.

Pricing & Cost Effectiveness of Infinology Hosting

We purchased several plans and we found that the plan with the best value is the Executive Plus plan located here. It provides more than enough space for the average webmaster and with the huge quantity of features and capacity it offers, it gives us reassurance that we will not pass our quota and be faced with surcharges. For a moment, we used to think that with such high offerings, a web hosting company cannot be profitable and thus must provide inferior services. That is not true for Infinology. How are they able to offer 9 GB of storage space and 50 GB of traffic for such a low price? They claim by keeping their expenses low such as buying bandwidth at wholesale prices, hardware from liquidations and maximizing efficiency of advertising expenses.

Infinology provides all customers with a 30 day money back guarantee on all purchases, meaning, if you need to cancel your service for any reason you can do and still receive a full refund. We felt that a company offering such a money back guarantee policy know that users will not cancel because of their great offerings and service. Infinology also attaches a fifty setup fee for each web hosting package. It might seem a lot but it is wroth it, because with other hosting companies, fifty dollars usually just purchase you a gig of space while with Infinology, you get fifty thousand megabytes of data transfer along with five thousand pop3 mailboxes. The features add up and make their hosting a good value.

Reliability of Infinology

The most essential factor in purchasing a web hosting plan is reliability. If you purchase a plan with low levels of reliability, you might as well host it yourself on your computer. Many people on the internet have high speed connections to the internet and have the capability of hosting their website, but the problem of not meeting high uptimes and good performance levels make it wiser to go with a web hosting company. It is essential for a website to load quickly for your viewers and always be up. Without high uptimes, people would not trust your website and basically it’s like not having a website.

Like most web hosting companies, Infinology has a 99.9% uptime guarantee policy. Basically, they give you double reassurance that your website will be up at least ninety-nine percent of the time, and any down time they will reimburse you. To continue this high level of reliability, Infinology uses redundant UPSs and have a 1.5 Megabyte turbo diesel generator with over twelve hours of onsite fuel. With this device, it provides a secure level of immunity to power loss and energy spikes. They also check their diesel generator on a regular basis to ensure it works properly. This again provides their customers with a data center that is more rigorously engineered and reliable than other companies.

Infinology Data Center

Their data center is highly advanced and state-of-the art. Their data center utilizes a Lievert Heating Ventilation Cool system, which enable them to create an ideal environment for servers at a steady 65 degrees with 45% relative humidity. In addition, they monitor their network performance both remotely and locally to catch any potential problems that may arise and cause network interruptions. For example, in a case of fire, dry chemical gas would be emitted on the ceiling and beneath the floor to lower the level of oxygen and extinguish the threat of fire. All in all, these extra levels of features put twice the level of trust that we dealing with a trustworthy web hosting company.

Infinology Customer Relations

Good customer relations is not only undivided attention catered to the client’s need, but also knowledgeable responses and prompt response time. On many occasions, the customer service representatives were able to provide the correct response we would expect from good web hosting companies. We asked how we can upload files and how many megabytes of MySQL database space they provide. They promptly answered by informing us to download CuteFtp client and they informed us for our plan we had 20 megabytes of mysql database storage space. Their professionalism shows that Infinology isn’t just any web hosting company. Their fast response time, professional responses, and knowledgeable responses prove that this web hosting company is in no doubt top notch for customer support.

Hsphere Control Panel

Infinology provides a superior control panel with the most features and pleasant and intuitive interface. Unlike Plesk, Infinology utilizes the Hsphere software which places great looking icons in their control panel and below each icon with a description of each function. There are plenty of features in their control panel including Website Studio which enables novices to build professional website in just a few clicks. There is no doubt that this is the best online web development on the internet today. They also featured a shopping cart in the control panel along with hundreds of other features which would be too long to list.

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business web hostingAbout Infinology Web Hosting

Infinology Most Popular Plan Name Infinology Executive Plus
Monthly Bandwidth 999 GB
Total Disk Space 999 MB
Monthly Cost $6.95 /mo.
Control Panel Demo Hsphere
FTP Accounts 1
CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP and SSI Yes
E-Mail POP3
FrontPage Extensions Yes
Raw Log Files Yes
Protected Directories Yes
Anonymous FTP Yes
Adult Sites Support N/A
Mailing Lists Yes
Operating System Windows / FreeBSD
Telnet/SSH N/A

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