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Rating Out of 10
Performance 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review 45%
Reliability 7 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Customer Relations 3 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Features 2 hosting reviewhosting review
Control Panel 2 hosting reviewhosting review

General Impression

Interland has been in the web hosting industry for quite some time specializing in premium business class web hosting. Their pricing has always been grossly high, but their company continues to lack in customer service and uptime of its servers. In addition, we have receive quite a number of complaints from existing clients who soon realize the expensive fees they were paying and the lack of features they were receiving with their web hosting package. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, Interland still have one of the weakest control panels out there and many of the requests require us to email customer support. Another important thing is note is that Interland is a publicly traded company that is not financially stable. Quarter after quarter they continue to lose money. We have reason to believe that they might go bust in the future. When your business is at stake, it is important not to trust financially unstable companies. On the other hand, our other nine companies on the chart are financially stable.

Pricing & Cost Effectiveness

Interland web hosting is definitely not price effective. However, they do offer options that are price effective such as their VPS (Virtual Private Server) option for about fifty dollars per month allowing you to host unlimited web sites. Managing it in a pain because the interface they provide is not intuitive and difficult to use. Their web hosting is not much different. Also, Interland has outrageous over usage fees and fees for their hosting. For $9.95 per month, you only get 10 GB of data transfer and 250 MB of space. This is much less compared to what other web hosting companies are giving. Also, Shared SSL is included free for other web hosting companies, but Interland charges a grip for adding it to your web hosting package.

Interland Web Hosting Reliability

Reliability is something one would expect for paying excessive prices for hosting. Interland somewhat delivers that, but they are no more reliable than our other nine rated web hosting companies. They do go down from time to time and they do have schedule maintenance. On our test site, Interland went down several times every quarter of the year, which is average compared to other web hosting companies. Worst yet, when you call them about downtime, they often time won’t admit and when they do see that your site is down they escalate the matter to a high support representative which sometimes may take up to a whole day just to resolve the matter. In the internet world, one whole day means thousands of dollars in lost business.

Control Panel

Interland does not even offer a competent control panel. Their control panel is one of the most basic control panels out there. You can only add MySQL databases and POP3 emails and that pretty much sums up all of the features in the control panel.


There are better options out there if you are seeking for a web hosting company. Do not make the wrong choice and go with Interland. Not only are they expensive, they are no different than our other highly rated web hosting companies. Their prices only attract customers who think paying more will get your better service and reliability. Well this is not true in the hosting industry. Our other ranked web hosting providers provide better or equal service and they all have a much better control panel. Save the money and shop elsewhere for a better web hosting company

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