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Starting your own business like a seo

By Staffs & Users

Perhaps every one of you on this forum would have got into this phase at some time in your profession. A phase where find yourself beaming with confidence with an urge to start something on your own and make it big in the industry.


I was surprised to see a few noted SEO's comment with shockingly naive responses rarely seen in the SEO space.

Google can ID your click with (my guess) 95% accuracy. The other 5% of the clicks, they can throw out on pure guesstimation. They don't have to be 100% certain to be able to toss a click out with a high degree of confidence that the click was errant.

How does Google know it is you clicking on your ads?

1- cookies.

2- your ip matches ips that have logged into adsense control panel. Or a login to the panel matches a previous click on your site.

3- you page view behavior matches an owners page view behavior. This is by far the most common method used by Google. It is easy to ID an owner of a site after very few numbers of page views. Google simply tracks your ip behavior as you view your own site and ads are served to you. Read some of the recent stuff on click fraud - it is pretty clear this is the top way Google is tracking bad clicks.

#4: Additionally, the majority of IP's on the cable networks are dynamic, but dynamic within a block. Thus, it is deducible to know that if Bob's ISP is Comcast and a Comcast address has viewed 200 pages on his site and the same C block logged into his control panel, and the same d block is on the Cookie - given his path behavior - it is pretty safe bet we can throw out those clicks.

#5: Here is another one: lets say you are using a stock piece of blog software or blog service. Many of those pieces of software allow one template and one template only. So you serve Google ad code, to even your blog admin panel. Google sees an attempt to load an ad from a restricted url on your site - presto, it has you. The number of blind urls Google would have to check against would be less than 10 to match 90+% of the major blogging software out there.

#6: Two words: Google Toolbar

Long story short - yes Virginia, Google knows who you are from your click. That's not the question - the question is, even if they know it is you, how many do they left fly by without discounting them?

I don't know where you're from janaki but round me (UK midlands) there are hundreds of guys flogging SEO services and with the exception of a couple, they're all talking rubbish, charging over the odds and delivering Zilch.

It's very easy for the layman to learn about SEO, very easy for the layman to talk SEO, but very very difficult to deliver quality SEO.

I no longer sell SEO services purely because i've not got a good way of obtaining quality links, and i don't want clients ringing me up after 6 months when they're sites aren't listing and accusing me of misleading them, because that's what'll happen if you don't get results.

Lucky for me, i got results, but they were such hard work it wasn't profitable so i pulled away and focused on quality sites, with link building done elsewhere if required, i continue to advise on SEO strategy, and build all the relevant bits in the page, but never guarantee results, and never charge any additional money for it.

If you're going to go into SEO, be sure to make yourself different from the rest of the mis-sell mafia, take the moral high ground, have ACTUAL results to show potential clients, and make sure you've a quality, reliable TESTED way of obtaining links (if that's the route you choose).

All the talk from companies round me is "keyword density", "Header this", "css that", "blog this" yada yada yada, but then when you ask about obtaining links they all go quiet. Yes all those things are important, but without links it doesn't work, one bloke from a local very big talking "charge by the month" SEO company said they "we leave link building up to the client" (they lasted 4-5 months)

It's Rather turned into a bit of a rant hasn't it ;-)

But seriously think about these issues before annoucing yourself as the saving grace of hidden websites everywhere, it's a mighty difficult place to exist whilst keeping customers happy.


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