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 Web Hosting Company: aboho hosting
Web Hosting Company Address: usa
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:Free
Comments about business: I think they are offering the best hosting for FREE!
Their only requirement is forum signup but no posting requirements!
They give you 15mb disk space and 500mbs bandwidth/per month!
They also give you unlimited database, ftp accounts,emails, subdomains and basically everything a paid host offers!
They give you a free subdomain > and they also host someone's own domain with a text link on the main page!
I love them!!!!!
Web Hosting Company: AceHost
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:standard Plan $9.95/month
Comments about business: I found AceHost through a web search. The article indicated that they had won an award. I am with them less than a month, and will now change.
They advertize 24/7 live support; or a respnse withion 6 hours via eamil. As is customary during a strat-up, I had lots of questions. TMy questions are either entirely ignored, or are responded to after a second follow-up. The 24/7 live on line support is a farce. I have been tracking this service. For every 10 times I have tried to use it, it was offline 7 times, and "too busy" 2 times. i.e. 90% of the times I tried to use it, I couldn't.
Web Hosting Company: Adjuncts.Net
Web Hosting Company Address: 966 Hungerford Drive Suite 27B
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$4.95 per month Special
Comments about business: This web hosting company is great for teachers who either don't want to learn about web design or wish to take their time learning. All I had to do was submit my content and they did all the work.
Web Hosting Company: Host
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$5.00 Advanced plan
Comments about business: Hello all.
I am reviewing a plan from a small provider. It does not measure up to alot of hosts in terms of bandwidth and disk space. But the good thing about them, is they gave a practical systems for me from the start, and I could understand what they were offering.
They provided and set up a image gallery for my digital camera. And an online shop as well; which I am keen to try in the near future.
Anyway. I just wanted to say that I am a satisfied customer who has been guided into what they call the "Information Age"
Web Hosting Company: Aplus.Net
Web Hosting Company Address: San Diego, Ca
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:9.95 per month - SoloXR
Comments about business: I was just curious why you haven't reviewed Aplus.Net. I found them per CNET's great review, and I couldn't be happier. I used another company prior to switching hosts, and Aplus.Net is the only host that has decent tech support. I have been with them for almost 6 months, and I don't plan on leaving. Please post a review.
Web Hosting Company: At Wholesale
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$10.99 per month for 150 MB and 7GB of transfers
Comments about business: I dont like the frontpage softwares of the world but these guys have a sweet user interface. Personally, I hand write all of my HTML but for novice users this is the best interface I have seen. They also design web pages and offer nationwide proxy dial-up Internet. Thus far they have been professional and timely. I guess only time will tell how good the service is.
Web Hosting Company: Avahost
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$5.25/mth - starter
Comments about business: I have been a customer to this host for a couple of years now and have absolutely no probs. They have very little down time and when they do, they notify in advance so you're not caught off guard. The have a 24/7 online tech (perldesk) that I have used and gotten very quick response. They use Cpanel for their add-ons and have all the newest scripts (I use PHPbb and PHPmychat, both newest versions) They also have redhat, MySQL, and several other up to date apps available as part of their service.
Web Hosting Company: a1domainhosting
Web Hosting Company Address: sindhi colony, katrak rd, wadala INDIA
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$84/yr [Lin Plan 3]
Comments about business: HI, I liked their service as they had coders that helped me to move my site on to their server. Also they solved minor bugs without any money. THey hoasted my site for a weeks time without any pay for me to test the working. Today i will move my other site too on their windows server. A good service. I think they are the coders of
Web Hosting Company: Basiclink, Inc.
Web Hosting Company Address: California
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:1.2 $44.95 per month
Comments about business: PROS:
Great Pop3/Web email system with self-administration, anti-virus and an anti-spam that actually works really well.
incredible customer service. Personal service and you immediately speak to someone who can answer your question(s). They are even helpful on somewhat un-hosting related questions.
Very fast connections. not overloaded at all.
higher price I suppose is due to customer service, but I'm willing to pay it.
small amt of transferred bandwidth for price
Web Hosting Company: Best Machine
Web Hosting Company Address: 2650 San Tomas Expressway, Santa Clara, CA 95051
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$95.00
Comments about business: Moved several sites couple of months ago and thinks worked fine at first.
Control panel is made inhouse and not very good.
Had some trouble with mail being sent to yahoo, hotmail... , and customer support is still working things out.
-Can host up to 10 sites/subdomains for $9.50 -Runs W2K. (Hey, it works for me) -Can have private labeled DNS's
CONTS Too long to tell! here are some:
-Customer support is really bad.
-Inhouse cpanel is way under developed
-Site Stats don't work
If you only need to host plain html sites with little or no email accounts this is the cheapest decent hosting you can find.
If in need of some hosting provider interaction look somewhere else.
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address: 425 Vine St. #308, Seattle, WA 98121
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$49.95/month, root server plan
Comments about business: Great support from great people! Stable, reliable hosting, with a wide variety of plans, all on BSD servers.
I have the root server plan, which falls in the middle of their offerings. For $50/month I have root access, with unlimited email accounts and up to 20 shell accounts.
They also offer everything from basic lightweight GUI-based accounts for newcomers to the internet, all the way up to dedicated accounts. Strongly recommended!
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:RS500, $49.95
Comments about business: is outstanding. I've had the misfortune of dealing with several hosts over the last few years. Without question, these guys are the best. Great service, great prices, and lightning-quick, highly-qualified support support. Unlike many companies, their admins & developers are on top of things, with any security patches applied as soon as possible, and routine upgrades applied on a regular basis.
They offer a vareity of packages, including shared servers with full root access. Try them out, you won't be disappointed.
Web Hosting Company: Canaca-Com Inc.
Web Hosting Company Address: 1650 Dundas Street East. Unit 203 Mississauga, Ontario L4X-2Z3
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:Bronze Hosting Plan- $3.95; Silver Hosting Plan- $7.95; Gold Hosting Plan--$16.95
Comments about business: Just started using them.
100% customer service (durring opean times) 100% up time so far 100% awesome interface 100% full compatability w/ everything 100% BEST PRICES EVER!!!!!!
Web Hosting Company: Citysoft
Web Hosting Company Address: 410 Boylston St, Boston MA
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$25,000
Comments about business: Citysoft is awful. They make promises they don't keep, or remember, since they have such a huge staff turnover. They will say anything to make a sale, and they deliver buggy products. The best thing they do is bill you. Going with Citysoft was the worst mistake we've made.
Web Hosting Company: Cogent Designs
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$5.00 / Month - Basic
Comments about business: Great Service, very personal approach. Quick setup time. Excellent scalability. Wicked fast servers. Only downside I can find was that there is a 1 year contract, but paying $60 for an entire year of hosting is peanuts compared to others!
Web Hosting Company: cPanel Solution Hosting
Web Hosting Company Address: 315 SE Mizner Blvd, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$5.99
Comments about business: cPanel Solution is one example of hosting solution provided to individuals who are seeking high value, low cost professional services, customized and branded for you. PHPNuke/PostNuke applications can be installed with one click, and folders are automatically secured with your specified password. I recall being a little nervous about transferring my existing site from Yahoo over to a new host, but in actual fact it was a very simple process. Activation is immediate, and it took about 12 hours after I rename my name server at my Registrar to see the switch.
Checking webmail is simple, by entering using any Internet Computer.
I was provided CPanelฎ, a fully featured web-based tool that allows me to manage my domain through a web interface. The idea is to transfer as much of the control and responsibility of managing my web site to me, including the option to expand/add additional domain to my own package for $3.
Overall excellent, I would recommend cPanel solution it's simple and fun!
Web Hosting Company: Cradle Technologies
Web Hosting Company Address: Suit 1, Level 9, 98 Arthur Street, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia
Web Hosting Web Address: http://CradleTechnologies.COM
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:AUD$659.00 + GST for our Secure Managed Hosting solution.
Comments about business:
Our firm invested months in working with the top three brand name providers / carriers and gave up in both frustration and sticker shock when we realised that nobody seemed to understand that our online ecommerce shop was just a doorway to our business, running the business is our core focus.
A business partner referred us to their provider Cradle Technoliges, and we were online in five days, with very powerful, firewall protected, hosting solution on a dedicated server with monitoring and management!
And the cost shocked us - no setup fee at all, and just AUD$659.00 + GST ( 10% goods and services tax ) and now we're working with the Professional Services arm of Cradle Technologies on reviewing our inhouse IT strategies, as well as our Security Policy in physical and technology.
This is a company I want to work for!
Web Hosting Company: CronoMagic Inc,
Web Hosting Company Address: 3333 Graham suite 700, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, H3R 3L5
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:US $5.99/month
Comments about business: Pros:
Very cheap web hosting plans.
Reliable Hosting.
Free setup
Friendly customer support
24x7 phone customer support not available.
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:41.99 a year
Comments about business: A charge for everything! $41.99 doesn't include pay extra for email! Customer support is cocky. Actually yelling back at us! Upset we transferred away. Put the domain in lock and didn't drop mx records...said since customer had paid for email she cannot get a refund and now I assume they haven't dropped mx record because she cannot retrieve emails now untils name propagates on the web. No customer service phone posted on site...had to retrieve it through Enom. Transfer was approved by customer 2/9/2004 at 9am and finally completed on 2/17/2004 around 5pm after many phone calls and emails to orginal host. Just thought I'd warn others. Only pro I saw was the low cost of $41.99 a year and the gui for newbs.
Web Hosting Company: Ei-Hosting
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$60.45 powerpack with a free domain
Comments about business: The FTP works great, web pages are quite responsive and speedy. I am truly satisfied with their support aswell even when they don't have a support telephone number!
Web Hosting Company: Exa Bytes Network Sdn Bhd
Web Hosting Company Address: 18-32-F Gurney Tower, Gurney Drive, 10250 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia.
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:E800 (v4)
Comments about business: Wow! Amazing! Exa Bytes upgraded all their plans yesterday from 100MB to 800MB for as little as $7.65/month. Good support with 24 x 7 x 365 Real Support. : )
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:15.95 Canadian
Comments about business: They have been excellent, they have great staff who have been nothing but professional. They tell me that they have not started marketing yet and that the front end site is still in Beta.
I have really enjoyed working with them for sure.
Web Hosting Company: Full Web Access
Web Hosting Company Address: 39 Lakeview Drive Canton GA 30114
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$5.00/month - Audition Plan
Comments about business: The company represents itself very well. All statements on their web site prove to be true and their tech support really helps when we need it. I have never noticed a server down time and I get so many features for so little money. GREAT COMPANY
Web Hosting Company: Global International
Web Hosting Company Address: Quebec, Canada
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:4.95 - Basic Hosting Plan
Comments about business: I've had nothing but an amazing experience from this guys .. they answer to support tickets/e-mails promptly and have filled my requests really quick.. their sign-up page is easy to use and and comes with a members area where they show me my bill every month, it also includes tutorials and useful scripts which in my case helped me build my site faster .. 2 thumbs up for thig guys ..
Web Hosting Company: Global Internet Solution Inc.
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$95.4/year Windows Annual Plan
Comments about business:
This is a complaint about the web hosting company:
I paid annually for their Windows Server Hosting plan at $95.4 a year. I tried their service for two weeks and I decided to cancel it. Now here is the catch:
They advertise 30 day money back guarantee but when I cancelled it after signed up for 2 weeks they withheld $15.95 from my payment of %95.4. They claim I have used it for a month and $15.95 is the monthly fee for my plan!
This is outrageous!
I don't know if your site list the worst web hosting company or not. But you should. This can help other from losing their money.
Here is another dirty trick the web site played:
On their hosting service sign up page, they always use today's date as the last day their special promotion price will end to entice people to sign up today. But if you come back to their web site the next day, you'll find the promotion ends the date of the next day.
Very dishonest commercial practice.
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$7.50
Comments about business: really instilled confidence in my choice of web hosting company from the very first time I spoke to them. My needs were met very nicely and the package was all I hoped it could be, backed up by really good service. Any time I had a problem they have been efficient and considerate and very shortly I’ll be renewing. Shame they don’t you do a 5-year package. I'd buy it
Web Hosting Company: Halfprice Hosting
Web Hosting Company Address: 305 N. Hurstbourne Parkway STE 120, Lou. KY 40222
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:Basic $11.95
Comments about business: I have switched all of my customers who use hosted web services and email services to Halfprice Hosting. Their service is reliable and easy to use. Best of all, if you do have a question or an issue you can reach a customer support person in a matter of minutes to get the problem solved. I would recommend Halfprice Hosting to any one looking for affordable and reliable hosted solutions!
Web Hosting Company: HostforWeb
Web Hosting Company Address: 7061 N. Kedzie, Room 302, Chicago IL 60645
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$4.95/mo Budget Plan
Comments about business: Moved from a similar site - $5/mo but had a horrible experience.
The first month with HFW was a little rocky. They were just moving datacenters. Lost e-mail for a day. But no problems since then. Love the package. The Cpanel they provide is awesome. Other sites charge an arm and a leg for the CPanel.
Love it. Highly recommend it for a $5/mo plan.
Web Hosting Company: HostLogical
Web Hosting Company Address: West Sussex, England
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:ฃ9.99 Copper Plan
Comments about business:
I signed up with HostLogical and moved my site across at the beginning of November and despite the very low price the service has been first class. I have never had any downtime and any question or query I have had has been answered almost straight away whether day or night.
Web Hosting Company: HostLogical
Web Hosting Company Address: Sussex, UK
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:ฃ39.99 for Gold Plan
Comments about business:
I spotted HostLogical when do doing a search on Google. At first I thought that due to the prices the support may be lacking but I was pleasantly suprised to find their support second to none.
I had my account setup virtually straight away and an email to the sales team was answered within 10 minutes and my issue resolved.
I would highly recommend HostLogical as a great and cheap host!
Web Hosting Company: Host Save
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$7.95 a month
Comments about business: Images are controlled by a special folder and a file that usually gets corrupted. I have two sites with them, both have problems with images but a new upgrade is on the way from 300 mb storage and 60 gb bnadwith to a 1,000 gb sotrage to 100 gb bandwith.
Web Hosting Company: HQHost
Web Hosting Company Address: USA, New Jersey
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:UNIX web hosting with 200 MB Space and 30 GB Traffic for $7.99 /mo allows to host up to 25 websites. Free setup. PHP, MySQL, Sell, CGI/Perl, Cron, FTP. Month free trial.


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