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Web Hosting Company: Inuration Technologies
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$12.00 for 3 months of their "standard" plan - 500 mb
Comments about business: This host has excellent prices and all of the features that I need. The sevice is prompt and helpful, if not the most professional in the world.
The network speed has been terrific so far [2.81 mb/s for their test dl file(50.4 mb) and hasnt been an issue for my site]. They are also building a free hosting forum that offers additional support. Downtime has been minimal so far [~2 months of hosting].
-All standard scripting support
-Generous diskspace and bandwidth for good prices -Prompt support -Excellent network speed
-The expertise of the staff has been sufficient, but not impressive -This host has not yet established that they will be around for a long period
Web Hosting Company: IPowerweb
Web Hosting Web Address:
Comments about business: I have had a website hosted by IPower for the past three weeks, and I have had many problems with them. The website has gone down twice in the past 7 days for an extended period of time. The first time the site went down for about 12 hours. It seems they mistakenly redirected the domain to another website and domain(a home mortgage page). Technical support provided no explanation of the issue. I asked to speak with a supervisor regarding this matter. I was told by "Kacy" that I would receive a phone call from a supervisor named "Tee". I was given a reference number to refer to the issue, and when I called back I was told by "Steven" that no such number/case existed. I again ask to speak to a supervisor, I was given the same explanation, that the supervisor is unavailable and would call me back. No one called me back.
The second time my website was down for over 24 hours.
I reported the issue and again no explanation was given. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and again I was told (by "Rick") that a supervisor was unavailable and a supervisor would call me back. I never received a phone call. I wasted many hours of my time and my companies' time on this matter. The service support is very poor and the wait time on hold for support is long.
I am taking my business elsewhere.
Avoid IPowerweb.
Web Hosting Company: Ipowerweb
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:7.95 x 12 months/Basic Plan
Comments about business: With all the rave reviews about ipowerweb, I submitted and chose them as my host. Everything was smooth until I needed support.
As it happens, their server went down. Emailed them and they responded that it will be up in 12 hours. One day later, it was still down. Emailed them again and got the same reply. Finally after three days, my site was up. This happened around christmas 2003, so you can imagine the last minute shopping spree your online store just missed out on.
But I was calm about the incident. Then I needed an additional domain. Emailed them for inquiries, but they didn't reply. In any case, I just went ahead and ordered. Then I needed to transfer this new domain to another host. Emailed them, and again no response. This is the third time they didn't reply to my emails. Is this their legendary excellent service they boast about? I had to call them to get support and mind you, I am not living in the US.
So I didn't renew with ipowerweb when it just expired. I used another host. Then I found out one thing.
I thought ipowerweb had a good package, with all the features and all. Until I used the new host, they offerred everything which ipowerweb has and even more. They had CPanel version 6. Their webstats even shows me how long visitors remain at my site and on which pages, entry/exit. Try that on ipowerweb's stats and see if you have those.
In summary, if you're running a personal hobby site or a just for fun site, ipowerweb gives you value for money. For that price, they do pack in quite a decent package. And pray that nothing goes wrong. Afterall, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Yes, I'm paying more for my current web host. But for the more serious webmaster, like e-commerce sites, ipowerweb just don't cut it.
Web Hosting Company: ipowerweb hosting
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:windows pro plan $9.95
Comments about business: purchase a windows pro plan from ipowerweb and they put us a Unix box. i checked my email receipt and credit card receipt to verify, and sure enough, we purchased a windows plan. after trying to rund .asp scripts to no avail, i finally sent emails and place numerous calls. i was told, "no problem, we can transfer to our windows plan." unfortunately, i called tech support, and after 20 minutes on hold, was told that the ipowerweb tech support made the transfer to a windows plan but unfortunetly, forgot to email me the ftp domain, loging and password. so, again, i'm on hold, forever it seems like. i call sales, they haveto transfer me to billing. call tech support, they have to transfer me to sales. and so the circle continues. here is what their advertising/marketing says: "affordable reliable, webhosting solutions."
they cannot even get out of the block without stumbling. i've left a message for their sales manager, and he never returned my call. i then left a message for their V.P., and he never returned my call.
i would certainly not recommend them for mission critical domains!
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:gold plan 10 dollars a month
Comments about business: full featured web hosting allows me to host multiple domains on my own mini reseller account. They have great prices and great features.. and very good customer service. thanks kevin
Web Hosting Company: Jaguarpc
Web Hosting Company Address: Houston - Texas
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:SD100 (Annual) - 549.50 USD
Comments about business: Changed provider last month and are very happy about this one. You get a nice 3000 megabytes of webspace with 75 gigabyte datatransfer, unlimited subdomains, unlimited e-mailadresses, 25 SQL-databases with a easy-to-use panel that they keep up-to-date with all programs. Monthly rate is a rather cheap 54.95 USD and yearly is 10 months buying 2 months for free!
Had some minor difficulties but after you 'opened' a support-ticket problems where solved ASAP.
The support-forum is also well-visited and gives correct and fast answers to all your questions.
Web Hosting Company: Juarezwebsites
Web Hosting Company Address: Dallas, Tx
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:Hyper 1000MB
Comments about business: I take a special ofer in 1000 MB space for 10 dls. monthly free setup is a great hosting and services.
Web Hosting Company: Laxers, Inc.
Web Hosting Company Address: Tokyo, Japan
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:Business400MB $9.95
Comments about business: I've been using this service for a few month, and they are doing okay so far. I never have my website stopped, and they are always fast when I need tech support. I prefer to both personal and small business this service!
Web Hosting Company: LivingDot
Web Hosting Company Address: Minnesota
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$12.95 for Lite Plan
Comments about business: Hi, I've been using LivingDot for roughly 7-8 months and have never experienced a down time, not even once. They totally stand by their slogan - web hosting that cares. I wanted to install a MoveableType on my account and asked if they support it, next thing I know their technical support offered to install and configure MoveableType at no cost! That's what I call service.
Can't find any cons. I'll certainly recommend them to others.
Web Hosting Company: Lypha Networks
Web Hosting Company Address: 8345 NW 66th st, Miami, Fl 33166
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:6.95 economy shared hosting
Comments about business: I can't find a faster more secure server space let alone at this price. 1Gig space, 100Gig, bandwidth, Bandwidth roll over, more tools and software for pro site development and control than one would ever use.
The only neg would be no phone support ( online only ) A must see !!
Web Hosting Company: Made 2 Own
Web Hosting Company Address: 854 San Miguel Canyon Rd. Watsonville, CA 95076
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$3.50 Starter Plan
Comments about business: These guys are absolutely amazing much credit needs to be given the amount of tech support these guys provide. I have had many hosting companies in the past and none have been this amazing. I paid only $3.50 for 125 MB's of space and 20 GB's of transfer a month. I also get unlimited everything as far as e-mail, add on domains etc.. Thumbs up to Made 2 Own!!!
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:4.95 Personal Plan
Comments about business: I have been through many hosting companies in the past year - all of them either have bad customer service, a lot of downtime, or charge way too much for features. Recently, someone referred me to and I have never been happier. The customer service is excellent and I have not had my site go down once. They even helped me fix some bugs in my page code - talk about above and beyond! The plans are very reasonably priced and come with everything!I have not seen a single review on the web for them, so I thought I would wrote one. :)
Web Hosting Company: Maini Hosting
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:6.95
Comments about business: I joined this maybe a week ago and its probably the best desion i have ever maid. I had a question to ask and Insted of caling there 1800 number which they have I got into a typing conversation with no wait at all. Also all the features I got, the next web Hosting that could compare to the features was 19.95 a mounth.
Web Hosting Company: MBYC Hosting
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:pill, 3.95 globule, $15
Comments about business: Wow! they have the best customer service! its owned and operated much like a mom and pop store. They are relaxed about payment and stuff like that. Its worked by just 2 guys so its a small business and they really care about their customers. Their prices are really low too
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address: Las Cruces, New Mexico
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$96.00/year Business Plan
Comments about business: Very quick on getting everything setup. I get a new domain name and they had it up and running in less than a day. Very easy to use control panel and they give you access to everything unlike my previous host. I was able to use all of my perl scripts without trouble. Also, when I was trying to setup somethings they were able to help asap. Only thing I dislike is the lack of telephone support, but the online support was very fast.
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address: Singapore
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:From S$19.90
Comments about business: Service is good,servers are co located in Singapore.Customer Support team are very efficient.A company that cares for their customers needs.Intend to host your site or e-commerce site in Singapore.Skydio is definately worth evey single cents.Prices are reasonable as compared to other hosting company in Singapore.
Web Hosting Company:
Web Hosting Company Address: Clinton Ave, Huntsville AL, 35801, USA
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:SQL-Kit, $40/month, $10 setup
Comments about business: The setup with M6 was fast and Easy. Must have a system that automatically sets it up for them. Many hosts do this today, and there is nothing wrong with it. In fact it's nice to have your site up and running as soon as you put your credit card number in.
My site was up and ready to FTP within an hour of signing up. I confirmed my information in an email and I was ready to go.
I was happy with M6's services. During the few months that I was using them I had no problems with downtime. I can't remember even once when I had problems.
I did have problems executing my ASP properly M6 had a lot of security measures setup to block certain peices of ASP code. It isn't as flexible as I would have liked it to be. But apparently they have fixed this now.
Performance is always a concern for me as I develop primarily database-driven applications. My project budget is close to non-existent, which narrowed the range of choices available to me. With, I have the bandwidth, disk space and speed that is matched by no one. And all at a price that makes our execs smile. As I develop my application and each page snaps up instantly, even after a few hits to the database, it makes me look good.
The support was good too. The people were as nice as they could have been, but I only interacted with them a couple times. They were professional, and I got a response to my email within 12 hours. They did not offer a ticket system or a phone number to dial, but they do offer both now.
The features are great. They offer several sites per account, an IP address, a lot of bandwidth, pop3 accounts, forwarding addresses, and lots more.
They also offer standard with every account:
FTP Access
Mailing Lists
ODBC Access service. As someone who has done business with some of you competition, you are to be commended for "doing it right".
The prices are decent for the features that they offer. Anywhere from $10-50 a month for various amounts of bandwidth, IP addresses, email addresses, and other features. These features are too long to list here, but you get the idea.
The main value of this site is that they offer ODBC access. This will allow you to use any number of various types of databases. Overall this is a great service and they do offer a toll-free support line.
Web Hosting Company: netfirms
Web Hosting Company Address: Netfirms, Inc. 2316 Delaware Avenue, #162 Buffalo, NY 14216-2687
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:netfirms advantage $10.00 mo
Comments about business: Most of the sites on this host are listed at for spam sending. email forwarding can be unpredictable. Support is all email and slow to respond. You can dig through contacts and find a number for support on you dime however. Long waits in the day to call New York or Canada.
In short it sucks and Im moving to your number one choice. A+
Web Hosting Company: Netmart
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$9.95/mnth
Comments about business: Beware of this company. The price is cheap but there is no customer support. Every time you call you get a voice mail and if you send them an email consider yourself lucky to get a response.
I own a computer consulting firm, I have lots of computer experience. I was having problems with our email so I called Netmart's support number and somebody actually answered the phone. I very calmly asked the support guy on the phone if they were experiencing any problems with their email. This guy blew a fuse, he screamed at me, and told me that he doesn't deal with idiots idiots and hung up in my face. He was on speakerphone and my partner overheard and thought that this guy must be nuts.
I used to refer clients to them, but after this next incident I will NOT be. A client called them to setup his domain name and to get his emails going. He left them a message but no one called back, he called them two days later and when he finally got through he asked why no one called him back? Their answer was "You are not even a customer yet and you are already complaining, you are an idiot and we don't want your business, click!"
If you enjoy being treated as though you are a burden and an idiot, then this is the right company for you. Otherwise, pay a little more elsewhere and steer clear of this place.
Web Hosting Company: nk web hosting
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$1.99 bronze
Comments about business: I would like to say this web hosting company is the best i have ever delt with. There prices are so reasonable that i just had to find out my self how good it really was. There Support staff treated me like family. I would recomend them to everyone to get a site from. There brone plan which gave me 100 megs of space, 5 gigs of bandwidth 5 mysql why would you not choose them. There site loads fast and is availiable all the time.
Dont hesitat these guys know what there doing.
Web Hosting Company: NZ Web IT
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$4.95/Month Thrifty Intermediate
Comments about business: When I first signed up with NZWEBIT I didn't expect much.
I was attracted by the free domain registration and big space, also that they offer MySQL and Add-On domains at no extra charges.
Now after a year of hosting my website with them, I would greatly recomend this company to everyone.
You get a lot more than what you pay.
Some of the features I got with my hosting plan (I'm only paying monthly) are: Free domain name registartion and renewal, 5 MySQL DBs (and they gave me an extra one at no charge), CPanel currently 8.8 and always upgraded to the latest, 3 add-on domains, 20 subdomains to name a few.
Also the quality of service and customer support matches the most expensive companies out there, for example 4 toll free numbers, live support chat line on the website and in all their e-mails (available at leat 20 hours a day), newly introduced members forum, most of the additional services are free. and the most important thing I noticed is that they will do whatever it takes to satisfy the customer.
Catches and pros, I'm still to find one.
Web Hosting Company: oneandone
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:6 pcm? MS Server & E Mail
Comments about business: Dreadful - I'm quitting.
Very, very, very slow mail server which keeps dropping the line when sending (I don't know what the average is because I give up after four or five attempts).
Difficult to access support service especially in the evening. Staff are largely untrained (one admitted that he had never opened an e-mail attachment). Quick to pass the buck ("sorry we don't provide support for Outlook Express").
Impossible to escalate calls to someone with more knowledge or authority. lord knows I've tried!
Higher level support is supposed to be by e-mail (or letter). In my case I received a reply from the original support person which didn't tell me anything that I hadn't figured out for myself. The fact that it arrived two weeks after submitting my question didn't help either.
Perhaps an indication of how much they care is indicated by the fact that 'address' is variously spelt with one or two "d's" on the web mail page.
I am very worried that my business may not be receiving all of its e-mails due to these problems.
Tell the world, these people are utter RUBBISH!!
Web Hosting Company: Peli-Net Inc.
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$15
Comments about business: They offer too little webspace, however i don't know what to think about them even though i had them for six years. Please write a review to tell me what you think
Web Hosting Company: powweb
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:7.77
Comments about business: What the hell are you talking about. Powweb is THE BEST host out there, by far. They have the most storage,bandwidth of ANY host. Their support forums are one of the best on the net for ANY service. The are Definitly the best host for Nuke as well.
You claim you dont get paid to report these, but if thats the case you are morons. None of the hosts you claim are better than powweb even come close!!
 Get a grip!
Web Hosting Company: QwertyDigital
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$8.00 Basic Hosting
Comments about business: QwertyDigital is the only host that is *absolutely* dedicated to there clients, any questions I had where answered in a fast and knowledgeable. If your site is vital to you, then QD is the only way to go. After signing up, it took only 12 hours to get activated and I was online within 2 days. Unlike other hosts that claim 99.99999999999% uptime, these guys deliver. My site has been up _EVERY_ time i've checked it. Sure there are cheaper hosts out there, but what's that matter if they stick you with just an ftp account and a domain name?
Web Hosting Company: Randy Bennett
Web Hosting Company Address:
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:6.99 For the Value Plan
Comments about business: Very Simple, immediate email response for all questions. Free domain name, easily handle the complicated.
Web Hosting Company: Red Check Hosting
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:HD Small $19.95
Comments about business: So far so good. Easy set up and great tech support. Lots of add ons and stuff, nice touch. Cpanel Tutorial helped a bunch. Also of note, since my site is a video site I gotta have a fast server and fast connection, so far no complaints, video streams like a charm.
Don't think I'll be shopping around for a while !
Web Hosting Company: Rixation Designs
Web Hosting Company Address: Auburn, GA
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$4.98/month, Newbie Windows
Comments about business: Excellent service and fast support. My site isn't much, just a few pages with a database, but I've never had any problems.
Web Hosting Company: Rixation Designs, Ltd.
Web Hosting Company Address: Auburn, GA
Web Hosting Web Address:
Web Hosting Plan Purchased:$4.98, Newbie Linux
Comments about business: I had been with 4 other hosts before switching to Rixation Designs. These guys are great. Support is always right on with their advice...I've never really had any problems, just needed help with my coding which they actually support! No one else does that!


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