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Rating Out of 10
Performance 4 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review 43%
Reliability 4 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Customer Relations 4 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Features 3 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review
Control Panel 3 hosting reviewhosting reviewhosting review

Pricing & Cost Effectiveness offers one of the most affordable hosting deals on the Internet today. For only $5 a month, you can have your website up and running, and even though you only get 50 MB of space, it comes with 6 GB of traffic and a 30 day money-back guarantee. Features are also plentiful, for what it costs, as you get Realmedia support, cron jobs and Java support, most of which is not included under the deals offered by many smaller web hosting companies


Reliability is very much on par with that of many premium web-hosting companies, except for a higher number of downtimes. They do offer 24 hour support, but only 5 day emergency telephone support if the site goes down. On the internet, there is no time to waste when things are inaccessible, so if your site goes down Saturday, it will be difficult to reach them since they won’t answer their emergency telephone support until Monday.

Control Panel

Like Lunarpages and IPowerweb, Your-Site uses the infamous Cpanel control panel. Cpanel is a competent control panel, for it has all the features that you need in order to manage your website competently, however Cpanel lacks a sufficient website editing program and the control panel is missing several advanced features for users - such as throttling.

Customer Relations

Customer service is done all via e-mail. Unfortunately, when you want to try to contact someone over the phone on Your-Site you are plumb out of luck, since you they claim that this is one of the major features they must eliminate in order to sell web hosting for only $5 a month with no setup fees.


Your-site is not a superior web-hosting outfit, however it is also not a bad one, especially if you’re looking at price as a major factor. You get all the features you need to get your website up and running, but be sure, that is all you get. Besides a competent control panel software and mediocre customer support, the lack of phone support is an important component that is missing from this company, so tread carefully.

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