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Performance 4
Reliability 4
Customer Relations   4
Features 3
Control Panel3



FULL User Reviews and Ratings of Your-Site

Exceptional customer service!   - Review by Karen Hertzberg  submitted on April 24, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10
I've hosted with Your-Site.Com for over a year. Aside from nearly 100% uptime and inexpensive, build-your-own packages, Your-Site.Com offers one feature that most affordable hosting services don't --real live customer support! In most instances, email support works perfectly well (and Your-Site.Com's email service is remarkably speedy), but whenever I've had a question too complex to handle in email, I've been able to pick up the phone and speak to an friendly, helpful human being. What a concept! I've never been kept waiting on the phone for hours, my questions have been efficiently and professionally handled. Kudos to Your-Site.Com for their exceptional customer service!
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Great Features . - Review by Kyle Freegen  submitted on April 24, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10
I admire their ability to offer a great service for such a low monthly fee. This is the best value after I searched for a good host.  For $5.00 you get 50 MB of space, 6 GB of data transfer, cgi-bin, private logs, frontpage extensions, 25 email account with unlimited forwarding and some other features but I don't use all of them.
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Your-Site is a joke.   - Review by Steven submitted on April 20, 2003
Overall Ratings: 2 out of 10
Your-Site is a joke. Just surf to their website and you will see how slow and horrible their service is. I am only half way through my 1-yr pre-paid service with them but am going to move my domain and throw out the takes on average 30-60 seconds for a simple page with graphics to load, as they are riddled with frequent problems. user message boards show all suffer the same. Mail is also often disrupted, and ftp sessions frequently drop.
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I recommend Your-Site.Com.   - Review by Dana Scott Kaufman  submitted on April 15, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10
When I first came across, I didn't know what to expect. I was unsure about hosting services that were so inexpensive, I figured we would be on a little linux box with a couple hundred other sites. Boy was I wrong. We are hosted on Sun hardware, have great access, good service and never had any reliability problems. Our E-Mail system runs flawlessly and setup of our site was simple and easy. I now recommend Your-Site.Com to everyone I know.
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You do get what you pay for.   - Review by Tymat D. submitted on April 15, 2003
Overall Ratings: 1 out of 10
Out of 3 hosting services I've dealt with, this one has been the worst. I had problems from the very beginning with them. I signed up with them in May of 2002, and am now trying to end my account with them.
First was that it took about a week longer than they said it would to set up my account. Then I realized that their customer service pretty much was completely automated. I think I got one email back from an actual human, out of the many I sent them. Then my email with them almost never worked, and I gave up on that "feature" pretty quickly, because I was mainly concerned with my site.
After a few months, FTP stopped working well. It would log me in, but not list my files. It would also just kick me off in the middle of uploading. I know this wasn't a problem on my end, since I used FTP with a different site that wasn't hosted by them, and it worked perfectly. Since about a month or so ago, FTP stopped working completely. It just logs me in, and never lists the files.
Another thing that bothered me is that there was no control pannel what-so-ever. I went to their forum and asked once if there was one anywhere, and they pretty much thought I was silly for asking for one... very strange.
And the last annoyance from them is that they seem to have recently disabled my posting privlages to their forum. I had been able to post a few months ago, but when I tried to just today, it said I wasn't allowed to, and that the admin may have disabled that part of the site from me. I don't know an exact reason for this, except maybe that I posted on my site that I moved my site to somewhere else because I was "not happy with my current hosting service" (exact words). I didn't say anything about who they are or why I was unhappy, so there was no personal attack on them. I don't know if this was the reason for them disabling my posting, but the two events seem to have happened too close together for that to be just a coincidence. And if what I said happens to be the reason for me not being able to post to their forums, I personally feel that that's very rude of them to do. They should care about fixing problems rather than just hiding them.
Those are all of the major problems I had with them. There were also a few minor ones, but I don't think I need to go into those.

The only good thing about Your-Site was their uptime. I never noticed my actual site being down, just the FTP. I was pleased with this, but all of their problems really overshadowed this one good thing about them.

Overall, you do get what you pay for with them. I did expect them to be much more better than this, but it is cheap hosting. And while reading other reviews, I found that one of the owners of the company passed away, so it seems understandable for them to have problems. I just wish that they would either close the company or give it to someone else if they are unable to handle it.
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email problems. - by Nixon Dev Serde submitted on April 15, 2003
Overall Ratings: 3 out of 10

I had a site with for about a year and a half.  Two major problems.

1 - The email would often go down.  Sometimes this would be announced before hand and sometimes it wouldnt.  Sometimes they would say the system is going down due to upgrades, but the customers never benefitted from these upgrades, nor did their price go down or were the costumers compensated in any other way for the system outtages.

2 - the Second major problem I had with them was they did not/would not inform me via email about my website account.  I wanted the bill sent to my webmaster email account and they wouldnt do it. 

The result of this was my site went down for a few days because I didnt know the payment was due.  I ended up losing about $2400 in business generated from my site.  In the end I dropped them and went with a more reliable company.

Customer service was poor and difficult to reach.

The company I went with was the over priced
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Your-Site much better than reviews here.   - Review by Rob Q. submitted on April 12, 2003
Overall Ratings: 7 out of 10

I've been with your-site a couple years. My experiences have been positive.

As stated previously, Your-Site's owner died and there was a period there where there was no phone contact and the email servers took way too long to download emails. They had serious problems for about 3 months there.

HOWEVER, it appears they have things in order with a new email server and I've contacted them by phone for questions a few times over the last few months since they put up the new phone number. I pretty much always get through to them and they've always been very helpful. My prior experiences with a previous company was much worse than the 3 month ordeal that went on with your-site after their owner died. Some people could cut the company a break on that aspect. Sounds like most just cut and run without inquiring what was at the root of the problem.
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Stay Away!   - Review by Ray submitted on April 10, 2003
Overall Ratings: 1 out of 10

This is truly the worst experience I have ever had with a web hosting company. From day one I had e-mail problems with them. It was slow getting mail, sometimes taking two minutes. When they finally announced that they were upgrading the mail server, they decided to change everyones password! They claimed that they sent out an e-mail to everyone giving them their new passwords, but I never received it. I wrote many e-mails to tech support but only received automated responses. They also took their phone off the hook. I was never able to get through. Finally Someone from the company read a post I made on their help message board and e-mail was restored. I have no Idea how many e-mails were lost during that two week period. Last Month, they upgraded the mail software and without warning, they turned off my catch-all feature. Again they claimed that they sent me an email about it. For three weeks, No one was able to send me email and I had no idea! I can't stress enough...STAY AWAY!!!! This "company" has gone from bad to worse in the year that I have spent with them. Tommorow, I am switching and can't wait. You get what you pay for. STAY AWAY
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Worst admins ever   - Review by submitted on April 9, 2003
Overall Ratings: 4 out of 10
I have seen these admins make the most brain-dead decisions.  For example, in Jan 03 they decided to turn off catch-all email aliases.  Not _disable_ catch-all, the feature is still available, but go through all the existing accounts and TURN CATCH-ALL OFF! One, this forced me to go in and manually turn catch-all back on, despite the fact that I'd been using it for 6 months.  Secondly, I lost five days of email because your-site DIDN'T TELL ANYONE THEY WERE MAKING THIS CHANGE! They claim to have sent emails about the change, but I never got one.

This type of idiotic move is indicative of a complete lack of respect for customers.  There's absolutely NO GOOD REASON to mess with your existing customer's settings, especially when it will cause them to LOSE MAIL.  I can't believe how incompetent the staff has become.  BTW, I've used a fake name/domain for fear of retribution.  Rest assured I am switching hosts ASAP.
Representative of Your-Site?  Click here to respond to this review.





You get exactly what you pay for- in this case, not much   - Review by Adam Brite submitted on April 7, 2003
Overall Ratings: 2 out of 10
The only reason for not displaying my name/site, is because these are truly immature and vindictive people who can make my "web" life difficult until the "pre-paid agreement" runs out. This company was really going places they consistenly received high ratings on the boards. Tragically, the owner of the company died unexpectedly, and those left behind have dropped the ball.  I cannot state whether their problems are due to the fact that they colocated their sites somehwere else, and have no real control over the servers - or- they are simply overwhelmed.  But the simple fact of the matter is that in the 7 months that they've hosted my site, there hasn't been one single month that was problem free.  Within one month of signing up, they changed their email.  That service fails regularly at least once a week.  They changed their ftp process and servers.  That's been fraught with problems for over two months.  The mailing lists have never worked. There is no control panel.  And worst of all- their technical support, both on the boards and by phone, are hostile, combative, defensive. and poor at solving problems. Their incecsent "tweaking" of the systems results in major inconveniences.  If you're simply hosting a personal site and one mail address - and if it doesn't matter that their system isn't undergoing still another "upgrade" when you have time to work, then will do.  But, if you're looking for reliablilty, keep looking. A good deal is only good if it works!
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IMPECCABLE SUPPORT!!   - Review by K. Whited submitted on April 7, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10
I signed up with Your-Site.Com because of its unbeatable combination of features and price. What I didn't expect was the impeccable support and unsurpassed reliability! There are hosting services that charge 5-10 times what Your-Site.Com does for half the performance (or even worse). There are few companies in any field that I endorse so wholeheartedly.
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In all fairness...   - Review by Tom submitted on April 6, 2003
Overall Ratings: 9 out of 10
One thing that should be stated here is that the founder of your-site recently died. This has left his wife with quite a lot to handle. I think this unexpected event is the reason for the spotty service that others are reporting.

I have never had any problems with this host. I hardly ever have had the need for support, but they were quite helpful when I set up the account.

I just got an e-mail from them stating that they will be switching over their mail server to a new, more powerful software called Postfix, which will supposedly resolve the e-mail problems.

My one criticism is that they charge almost $4 extra for one MySQL database, which I feel is a bit pricey these days.

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Your-site is far better.   - Review by Sundar submitted on April 5, 2003
Overall Ratings: 10 out of 10
Those who read my review, mind one thing, I work for a web hosting company and host my web site at . It is far better for the money, which I pay. Obviously you cannot expect customer service to come behind your back once you have some problem. But I get responses, where other hosting services never bother to respond. There was no downtime of my server. Sometimes E-mail may go slow or MySQL, but its ultimately fast after maintanance. To an extent I can say "IT IS WHAT YOU PAY THAT BOTHERS YOU EXCELLENT SERVICE. FOR THE MONEY YOU PAY TO YOUR-SITE, THEY GIVE THE SERVICE YOU DESERVER", else all bad reviews are BULL-SHIT.
Representative of Your-Site?  Click here to respond to this review.





99.74% uptime is right up there.   - Review by Michael Schwager  submitted on April 5, 2003
Overall Ratings: 8 out of 10
Ok, I see that lots of people got PO'ed at your-site after the owner died suddenly. In all fairness, it was impossible to get ahold of them at that time, their email service croaked (why were they running DMail anyhow?), in short the caca hit the fan.  But I just had a problem with connecting to them today, so I went to their homepage, got the number, called, got a live (helpful) person immediately. In short, some things just can't be helped... some can. After what they've gone through I think they're on the rebound.

Representative of Your-Site?  Click here to respond to this review.

Official Yoursite Business Web Hosting Review

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Performance 4
Reliability 4
Customer Relations 4
Features 3
Control Panel 3
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